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Designer Reflective” Window Films

Klingshield Technical Department
Johannesburg South Africa July 2011

“Designer Reflective” window film is a combination of reflective and non-reflective window films. This manufacturing technique is a “sandwich” style construction which incorporates a reflective film laminated with a non reflective on each side of the reflective surface. This is known as a three ply film and the reason window film manufacturers manufacture this product is because the metal of the film is hidden between two non reflective films, creating a dual see through film.

At night one can still see to a limited degree, outside, whereas a conventional reflective film creates an absolute mirror appearance. Obviously when manufacturing this product, it has a higher cost factor as it utilises three films in one.

The benefits of these products are listed below:

  • It has a pleasing neutral appearance with a warm tone once applied to clear glass.
  • It has a low interior reflectivity whereby leaving your view unaltered.
  • It offers significant glare reduction.
  • It has high solar performance, ideal for areas with excessive heat problems.
  • It creates a more comfortable office and working environment.
  • It blocks a large portion of the sun’s glare and is available in three densities, blocking up to 85% of the glare and 75% of the solar energy. It blocks over 99% of the sun’s damaging ultra violet rays, keeping carpets, upholstery and other window treatments looking like new.
  • These products are now available from Klingshield in a pressure sensitive adhesion.

Data Performance on the 3 styles of Dual Reflective Film Available

  • Designer Reflective Series 15
  • Visible Light Transmittance (allowed in) 15%
  • Total solar transmittance (allowed in) 17%
  • Total solar reflectance 36%
  • Total solar absorption 47%
  • Visible light reflectance interior 13%
  • Visible light reflectance exterior 36%
  • Winter U value 0.92
  • UV rejected 99%
  • Glare reduction 83%
  • Shading co-efficient 0.30
  • Total Solar Energy Rejected 75%

Designer Reflective Series 25

  • Visible Light Transmittance (allowed in) 25%
  • Total solar transmittance (allowed in) 26%
  • Total solar reflectance 25%
  • Total solar absorption 49%
  • Visible light reflectance interior 13%
  • Visible light reflectance exterior 26%
  • Winter U value 0.92
  • UV Rejected 99%
  • Glare reduction 72%
  • Shading co-efficient 0.41
  • Total Solar Energy Rejected 66%

Designer Reflective Series 35

  • Visible Light Transmittance (allowed in) 35%
  • Total solar transmittance (allowed in) 36%
  • Total solar reflectance 18%
  • Total solar absorption 46%
  • Visible light reflectance interior 13%
  • Visible light reflectance exterior 18%
  • Winter U value 0.93
  • UV rejected 99%
  • Glare reduction 60%
  • Shading co-efficient 0.52
  • Total Solar Energy Rejected 56%

The above window films are designed for
homes and offices.

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