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Office tinted with Klingshield Window Film

While glass lends to the natural beauty of any building, this very same glazing can offer very distinct disadvantages both in summer and in winter. Excessive heat passes and is absorbed through the windows, making offices and factories hot and uncomfortable and inadvertently lowering staff’s working efficiency, thereby decreasing productivity as well as increasing air conditioning costs.
Our company markets a solar safety window film which rejects up to 89% of the sun’s heat and glare. This film is highly effective in making working conditions more acceptable and comfortable by reducing temperatures by up to 60%. Glare on TV monitors is also greatly reduced and the film will also hold the glass together when broken, turning the ordinary glass into safety glass. In today’s world we are utilizing more glass than ever before, but glass windows are notorious energy wasters. Klingshield is a retro-fit product installed directly onto the interior side of the glass. It helps correct temperature imbalances between sunny and shaded areas and it deflects harsh incoming glare, reducing eye strain that is common while doing paper work and viewing computer screens.
From the inside Klingshield has a pleasant look and distortion free view and from the outside it has a uniform appearance and compliments the design of any office or factory. Klingshield has a wide range to suit all situations related to heat and glare problems. 

Stop the Sun in Offices with Klingshield Solar Film 

A positive reduction of over 60% in internal heat gain, resulting from Klingshield solar protective films has now been confirmed by the Town Clerk of Dundee, KwaZulu Natal. A series of tests were carried out by the Municipality during April, June and July 1997 in two identically sized and situated rooms. One room had windows fitted with Klingshield film, the other did not. Highly accurate, calibrated Barigo Maxima thermometers were permanently sited in each room, 230mm from the glazing.
The official Municipal report, now available for public scrutiny, records two tests. The first shows an average daytime temperature difference between the two rooms of 61,54% (26 deg C : 42 deg C), the second a 62,50% (24 deg C : 39 deg C). In its conclusion the report also indicates that during the hottest summer months Klingshield was even more effective as a thermal barrier. See full report under Specifications.

Klingshield Office Window Tinting with UV Protection 

The Johannesburg Star recently stated that the seasonal hole in the southern ozone layer is getting bigger and quotes Dr. Piet Aucamp of the Department of National Health, as saying - “The last one was the size of America, the next will probably be bigger”. As everyone knows, without ozone to act as a filter, we are exposed to ultra-violet (UV ) rays from the sun which can seriously damage eyes and cause skin cancer. The most dangerous exposure months, the article states, are October and November. But the reality is that South Africans are now exposed to higher UV radiation levels all year round. The Sandton Chronicle recently stated that South Africa has the second highest incidence of skin cancer in the world and little or nothing is done about it. But something will soon be done when organized labour enters the fray and demands UV protection for employees in the workplace. They have plenty of legal teeth through the Machinery and Occupational Safety Act. The amended GN R1754 version of 18 August 1989 gives union leaders plenty of ammunition to use against employers whose premises are not properly screened against UV exposure. As a business leader you dare not take chances on being forced to pay massive compensation claims, which will undoubtedly follow the expected increase in skin cancer as ozone depletion increases. Managing risk is one thing. Taking risks with the health of workers is courting disaster. Fortunately the risk can be simply, effectively, and economically managed by installing a UV protective film on windows.
One phone call to Klingshield will activate a skilled team, able to do a thorough UV screening job quickly and efficiently with no disruptions to your working schedule.Why not have your secretary call Klingshield on 011 640-5053/7 for more details and an estimate.

skylight window film

comfortable boardroom window filmThe best glare solution in offices is provided by the application of Klingshield's glare resistant window film. 

Building-reflective-window-filmReflective window film and tinting reduces heat buildup in offices.

window-film-with-excellent-clarityWindow film and window tinting has a brilliant surface finish to ensure excellent clarity, low absorption and and a high daylight transmission. 

clear window filmSolar energy, radiated from the sun, includes UV light, infra-red and visible light. Klingshield's range of window films reduce solar energy by up to 79% from passing through windows. 

anti-glare window filmWindow film coatings applied to the surface of your glass, adds properties to glass, which include light transmission, increasing solar energy elimination, colour and asthetic properties. 

office safety window filmA window coating is added to the surface of the glass in thermal insulation of the glass. It keeps out the sun's heat in summer and retains the generated heating in winter. 

mirrored window filmKlingshield's high performance window film is critical to insulating glass. The thermal insulations have an excellent advantage of reducing solar energy transmission. 

safety window filmThe darker the window film, the higher the absorption rate and when applied to laminated glass, the glass can experience thermal stress making it more likely to crack if the incorrect film is used. 

anti-sun window filmSolar safety film is a multifunctional window film product, installed on glass, to improve security and desgned to make it significantly more difficult to penetrate. The reflective qualities reduces the sun from entering in the building, creating a more pleasent environment.

sandblast window filmKlingshield energy conservation window film saves on fuel and power costs, because your air conditioning does not work as hard in summer and winter. 

reflective home window filmKlingshield sun control window film reduces glare. It's like having prescription sunglasses applied to your office or home at a very reasonable cost.

silver reflective building filmKlingshield reflective window film gives your office privacy and it improves the asthetics of any building by having a uniform look.

office sandblast window filmWhite translucent or sandblast window tinting is now  ideal for office partitions, giving one total privacy as well as shatterproofing the windows. 

solar safety window filmKlingshield sun control window film, manufactured with nano-ceramic technology, is a new generation in window film and is a star attraction to any office block. This product is also known as smart windows.

skylight window filmKlingshield understands that some of it's customers have a serious need at their work place for window film, to solve all their related glass problems.

reflective safety filmSun control window films are needed in work places to reduce energy costs. Frosted or opaque films for glass partitions, privacy or design, safety or security to keep out intruders or anti-graffiti window film to save money on costly scratched glass replacements.  

tinted window filmKlingshield's professional sales consultants are happy to offer advice on what is available and just how window film in the work place cansolve a range of problems.

sandblast window film       

The facts are that window film will help save you money and also help save the environment. Untreated windows in your office are a huge source of energy waste.

office tinted window filmKlingshield window film keeps workers cooler and cuts down on glare and fading. Klingshield's window film bring great comfort and protects whilst reducing fading of carpets, curtains and furniture. It also drastically cuts down glare on tv and computer screens and offers a level of privacy up to a complete blockout.

museum anti-fade window filmEnergy conservation saving window film, saves energy and saves you money. Klingshield sun control window film provides a level of insulation that helps reduce energy consumption, resulting in improved efficiency in both your air-conditioning and heating system.


Reduce glare in the office window film Glare in offices cause eye strain and fatigue.
Klingshield's anti-glare 
window film is the best solution to create a glare-free environment.

anti-fade and anti-glare window filmCottage pane windows utilise Klingshield's high performance window film to improve the asthetics as well as to reduce the sunlight. 

UV protection window film

Glass plays a very important role in modern architecture today, however this architectural design has diadvantsages as the glass has very little insulating properties and always requires the application of Klingshield's sun control multifunctional window film.   

solar control window filmCommercial buildings utilise Klingshields window film to reduce energy bills. 


silver reflective office filmKlingshield's window film offers see-through windows, when viewed from the inside, during daylight hours.  

anti-fade window filmKlingshield window film reduces UV light by 99%  offering longer life to expensive furnishings.  

neutral sputter window filmReflective windows offer a high tech look and privacy.

security window filmProductivity improves with the use of Klingshield's sun control window film due to the stablized interior temperature.  

reflective building window filmReflective buildings are becomming more and more popular due to their energy saving ability.  

roof light window filmGlass can be a danger, should a bomb explode in the area. Klingshield safety film holds glass together, reducing the risk of injury and death.  

roof light clear window filmStrong sunlight pouring into buildings creates uncomfortable eyerstrain for workers. Klingshield's glare resistant window film can cut up to 88% of the sun's glare.  

safety window film for buildingsGlass is becomming more and more popular on buildings and the use of Klinfshield's window film is filling this gap in the market.  

sun control window filmSilver reflective window film is very popular on commercial buildings.  

sun roof window filmGlass is a beautiful product, however it has disadvantages. Klingshield turns ordinary glass into safety solar glass.   

skylight protective window filmStaircases reqiure special scafolding when installing Klingshield window film.  

translucent window filmWhite translucent window film, very popular in homes where partitons are used.  

window film to keep coolKlingshied, installed on building windows, offers a stabilised comfort zone by reducing heat, glare and UV radiation.  

anti-glare window filmExpensive furnishings require UV protection. Klingshield's window films stop 99% of UV radiation. 

rooflight window film tintingRooflights have become more and more popular in modern commercial buildings. The glass of these rooflights are oftern treated with Klingshield's sun control window film before installation.



  Klingshield's Silver 15 Reflective Window Film for Offices and Homes