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Johannesburg South Africa May 2011

Consumers perceive one way mirror as viewed in movies, where police use a viewing room to identify criminals through a one way mirror piece of glass. This is a bit of a myth, as one way glass is not manufactured and is only achieved by the utilisation of light in conjunction with reflective glass.

In other words, the viewing room must have less light than the opposite side. This is how police forces throughout the world make up viewing rooms to watch criminals during an interview or identify parade. The amount of light in the suspected criminal’s area is six times greater than the light source in the viewing room.

The same conditions are applicable for business people who want to utilise interior office windows to create privacy within the office space. Numerous amounts of money has been wasted by window film companies installing their reflective film products on internal windows to offer the customer privacy.

This does not work unless the lighting on the exterior is 6 times greater than the light on the office window. Under normal circumstances when reflective film is applied to a window facing outside, the window on the outside becomes a mirror giving the consumer privacy. The only reason why this works is because the natural light or sunlight on the outside is far greater than any manmade light source.

Klingshield has a special Grey 15 interior window film for privacy purposes. This film is constructed by the manufacture of a silver reflective film laminated to a dark tinted grey film. The adhesive is applied to the silver side of the film so when applied to a piece of glass on the interior of the office window, the silver reflective surface faces the opposite side and the grey tinted film faces the interior. By applying this film we are creating a mirrored surface on the observing side and a grey tint from the viewing side.

It is imperative for window film consultants to carefully explain the above scenario and if possible, to apply a sample to enable the consumer to see exactly how much privacy he is getting.

Another way of dealing with interior privacy when the lighting is incorrect, is to utilise a white translucent film which will offer privacy from inside and out. Some designers cut strips in this white translucent look film to offer “lookout” areas at certain heights. Other consumers utilise mirror strips or venetian glass to create one way vision. These mirror strips offer certain solutions to one way privacy as the mirror strips create a reflection where one sees oneself. However, from the opposite room the mirror strips have a grey matte finish and consumers view through the distances between the strips.

Please be advised that KIingshield will not be held responsible and do not guarantee that reflective film will achieve the “one way mirror” effect desired. This in no way relieves the client from his
responsibility to pay for the application even if not successful.
For further information on one way mirror effects please call our Call Centre 011 640 5053.


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Klingshield's reflective films come in a wide range of colours and finishes,however,it still allows natural light into spaces and also keeps one's view from the inside during the daytime hours.Should the glass crack for any reason,the grass fragments will adhere to Klingshield's sun control reflective film,reducing the risk of injury from flying glass.Even if broken,the glass will stay in the frame preventing the danger of splintering or lethal flying glass.klingshield silver reflective window film


 Reflective window film and window tinting acts as a mirror from the outside,giving occupants privacy.Once applied to your building windows,you will save energy by reducing air conditioning costs and you won't feel like a monkey paying unnecessary high bills.

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