Ultra Vision “High Performance Clear Shield”

Window Film Coatings by Klingshield
Johannesburg South Africa May 2011

Ultra vision window film is the latest product to be launched by Klingshield. It is designed for architectural and home use. These films are ideal for rooms with large expanses of glass where consumers feel uncomfortable and find it difficult to work or relax due to the heavy heat build up within a room.

The beauty of these films is that they are very light. However they have a high infra red
(heat) rejection with an excellent performance in total solar energy rejected. Ultra vision window film is barely visible from interior and exterior. They have an extremely low interior and exterior reflectivity and have a neutral non reflective look that enhances any beautiful view. The magic of this product is that it performs like reflective films. However they are ideal for reducing heat and glare and provide 99% UV protection. The optical clarity of these films are the highest in the market and the films come in three different densities.

Ultra Vision 70 Product Specification

Visible light transmittance 67%
Total solar transmittance 50%
Total solar reflectance 11%
Total solar absorption 39%
Visible light reflectance (interior and exterior) 11%
Winter U value 1.06
UV rejected 99%
Glare reduction 24%
Shading co-efficient O.66
IR rejection 77%
Total solar energy rejected 43%


Ultra Vision 50 Data Specification

Visible light transmitted 54%
Total solar transmittance 48%
Total solar reflectance 13%
Total solar absorption 39%
Visible light reflectance interior and exterior 13%
Winter U value 1.08
UV rejected 99%
Glare reduction 39%
Shading co-efficient 0.54
IR rejection 83%
Total solar energy rejected 53%

Ultra Vision 40 Data Specification

Visible light transmitted 40%
Total solar transmittance 41%
Total solar reflectance 14%
Total solar absorption 45%
Visible light reflectance interior and exterior 11%
Winter U value 1.08
U rejection 99%
Glare reduction 55%
Shading co-efficient 0.43
Total solar energy rejected 63%
IR rejection 93%

This range of window films has an excellent pressure sensitive acrylic adhesion which holds the glass together should the window be shattered or broken by force. These films also have a patented
scratch resistant coating for easy cleaning.
In short, this range of window film products are energy efficient, elegant and barely visible.
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Clear Shield anti-fade film has been applied to these windows to stop the fading of the furnishings

anti sun window film and tinting form Klingshield

Clear Shield stops 99% of the ultraviolet light which is the main cause of skin cancer 

reduce the sunlight with Klingshield's sun control window film

A Klingshield ad displaying the value of it's product against the fading from the sunlight 

anti fade windows from Klingshield

The video below demonstrates how effective Klingshield's window film is when it comes to anti-fade resistance