Window Tinting: Cars, Offices & Homes

Klingshield's multi-functional window tinting products offer an array of advantages including heat reduction from the sun and also turns ordinary glass into shatterproof glass.






Standard 3 year warranty


Non reflective film is a low cost construction dyed film. The polyester is dyed in a submersion process that is absorbed into the material. The popular colours are bronze and grey and it comes in a light transmission of 5%, 20%, 35%, 50% and 70%. These films primarily absorb solar energy as they have no reflective qualities. These films have a pressure sensitive adhesion. All these films have pressure sensitive adhesion and are offered in scratch resistant finishes.


10 year warranty


Metalized or reflective films absorb as well as reflect solar energy. Reflective film is bonded together with dyed film, with the result of a semi reflective 20%, 35%, 50% density film. They offer the performance of metalized film without the high shine finish, with a level of darkness similar to that of a dyed film.


Ceramic 10 Year Warranty Car Window Film


Ceramic is now used in the make up of the film and will not discolour. Motorists can now fit their windscreens with this new product, as it allows 70% of the visible light through the windscreen, as required by law. The magic of this film is that it rejects 91% of the infra red light, (heat) considerably reducing the temperature inside the car. This product is also now available in a 35% and 50% density for side and back windows for customers who are prepared to pay a higher price for this top of the range high performance film.


Heat comparison with Klingshield Window Tinting


Solar Safety Film Card Window Tinting


These films are designed to protect people and property from flying shards of glass caused by violent smash & grab attacks. These films have an extra strong adhesive and a scratch resistant coating. They are available in clear or tinted, 35%, 50% and 20% density. These products are also available in a 200 micron Double Smash & Grab in clear and tinted. We also have a 300 micron Triple Smash & Grab, clear or tinted, for clients who require the maximum protection money can buy when it comes to window film for their family protection. Security companies also make use of these products when transporting large amounts of cash.

High Performance Car Window Tinting

 These films are a combination of solar safety films which provide high heat rejection compared to standard films. These films are also designed to protect people and property from flying shards of glass caused by violent smash and grab attacks. These high performance safety films have extra strong adhesive and a scratch resistant coating. They are available in a semi reflective, 20%, 35%, 50% density. These high performance films are also available in 200 micron semi reflective for maximum protection and privacy as required by certain customers and come with a ten year warranty.

Clear Safety Film by Klingshield

A broad selection of clear film with varying thicknesses, are designed to protect people and property from flying glass. These films have an extra strong pressure sensitive adhesive and a scratch resistant coating. This film is also available in a clear double thick (200 micron) smash and grab for customers who require maximum protection and who prefer no colour or tint on the windows.


Clear Safety Ultra Thick Window Film

This is the film some people refer to as Bullet Resistant. This film will reduce the force of a bullet and has saved many lives. It is the ultimate in window film protection available worldwide. It is a difficult film to apply, requiring expert installers, which we fortunately have at our disposal and also requires a minimum of a day to install and three weeks for the adhesive and moisture captured between glass and film, to completely dry out. This product is expensive, however, security conscious people who want the best do not mind paying the price.

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