Klingshield Videos

After more than 45 years in the Window Film business, Klingshield provides the most comprehensive selection of Video information available anywhere. We invite you to browse and watch our videos to gain more knowlegde about the products and services which we specialise in including Window Tinting, Smash & Grab, Awnings, Sun Protection, Window Film and more.


1. Ultra-Thick Smash & Grab 

Video 1: Klingshield Smash and Grab


2. See-Through Burglar Proofing 

Video 2: Klingshield See Through Burglar Bars


3.  Awnings 

Video 3: Klingshield Awnings and Canopies


4. Silver 15 Reflective Film

Video 4: Klingshield Silver 20 Reflective Window Film


5. Anti-Glare Window Film 

Video 5: Klingshield Glare Free Window Film

   6. Anti-Fade Museum Film

Video 6: Klingshield Museum Window Film

7. Beat The Heat and Keep Cool  

Video 7: Klingshield Keep Cool Window Film


8. Window Graphics       

Video 8: Klingshield  Window Graphics


9. Glass Signs

Video 9: Klingshield Glass Signs



10. DIY Window Film Installation 



11. Jingle Song "Blurred  Eyes".  

Video 11: Klingshield Blurred Eyes Song


 12. Smash and Grab Installation

Video 12: Klingshield Smash and grab installation centre



13.Father Explains Car Tinting

Video 13: Klingshield father


14.  Online Quoting System

Video 14: Klingshield Online quoting form


15. Two-Tone Car Wraps  

Video 15: Klingshield Tow tone car wraps


16. "The House of the Rising Sun”   

Video 16: Klingshield house of the rising sun ad


17. Form For DIY Installations 

Video 17: Klingshield DIY Installation Kits


18. Happy Workers Jingle

Video 18: Klingshield Happy Workers Song



19. The Sun Stopper Video 19: Klingshield The Sun Stopper       20. Teaching Kids Klingshield  Video 20: Klingshield Ad Teaching Kids About Klingshield
21. Klingshield Logo VideoVideo 21 : Klingshield Logo Video 


22. "Want To Hear a Secret?” Jingle

Video 22: Klingshield Do You Want to hear a secret


23. Quote Form Awnings & Blinds

Video 23: Klingshield Quote Form Awnings & Blinds


24. Klingshield's Head Office 

Video 24: Klingshield Head Office



 25. The History of Window Film  

Video 25: Klingshield History


26. "Automotive Tinting” 

Video 26: Klingshield Automotive Tinting


 27. Interior Windscreen Film

Video 27: Klingshield Interior windscreen film


  28. "Paint Protection Film  



29. Jingle "Do-It-Yourself”



30. Shatterproofing Your Windows




31. One-Way Mirror Window Film   



32. Windscreen Protection  Film  



33. Self-Cleaning Glass




34. The Inventors of "Smash and Grab"    



35.  Low - E Window Film  


36. Klingshield 's Jingle “Windows"




37. Klingshield's "Fabric-Shield"       



38. The History of Klingshield    



        39. Fitment Centres



40. The Klingshield People                   


 41. "Our Work ” Jingle         


42. Full Range of Products



 43.Textured Wall and Floor Panels      



 44. Embossed Wall and Ceiling Panels  



45. Klingshield About Us Video   




46. "Remove Heat From The Car” Jingle    



 47. Removal of Window Film   

link-to-removal-of window-film-video


48. Double Thick Smash and Grab




49. Application of Window Film to Flat Glass Without a Frame

klingshield frosted film