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Click On The Different Types Of Films As Indicated Below The Pictures, To Get A Visual Impression Of What Window Film looks Like from The Inside And Outside.

Klingshield has 40 years of comprehensive window tinting experience in the window film distribution business. Klingshield offers a complete, high-quality solution for window-related problems. Based in Johannesburg, Klingshield prides itself on setting the standard in office and home window tintings for exceptional product quality, having strong business ethics and employing an outstanding professional team which offers consistent and superior customer service.

 Klingshield Applies Double Thick Smash and Grab Window Film to All Customer Vehicles as a Standard Product 

smash and grab


Click On The Different Types Of Films As Indicated Below The Pictures, To Get A Visual Impression Of What Car Window Film looks Like from The Inside And Outside.




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 Awnings, Blinds and Shades Manufactured by Klingshield

Klingshield have been involved in the manufacture of awnings, shades and blinds since the early 1980's.
Should you require a quote on any one of our awning products, please email us at klingshieldsa@gmail.com
or call Leon on 011 640-2025011 640-2025.

Klingshield awnings



 A New Innovative See-Through Burglar Proofing Product Designed and Manufactured by Klingshield

see-through burglar proofing




View Our See-Through Burglar Proofing Videos Below



 For your convienience and a greater understanding of our products, view our videos 

double-smash-and-grabclear-view-burglar-barsklingshield-awnings-and-canopies...........1. Ultra-Thick Smash & Grab                2. See-Through Burglar Proofing                         3. Klingshield Awnings 

silver-20-reflective-window-filmglare-free-window-filmmuseum-window-film   4. Klingshield Silver 15 Reflective Film        5. Klingshield Anti-Glare Window Film      6. Klingshield Anti-Fade Museum Film

keep-your-cool-window-filmsandblast-window-filmglass-signs-by-klingshield        7. Beat The Heat and Keep Cool                      8. Sandblast Designs                       9. Unique Glass Signage Product

DIY-window-filmBlurred-eyes-songSmash-and-grab-installation-centre       10. DIY Window Film Installation        11. Klingshield Jingle Song "Blurred Eyes"       12. Smash and Grab Installation

Klingshield-ad-with-kidsOnlie-quoting-formtwo-tone-car-wraps13.Klingshield Father Explains Car Tinting   14. Klingshield's Online Quoting System             15. Two-Tone Car Wraps       

Klingshield-rising-sun-adDIY-formKlingshield-happy-workers-song      16. "The House of the Rising Sun”         17.Evaluation Form For DIY Installations     18. Klingshield Happy Workers Jingle

The-sun-stopperKlingshield-ad-teaching-kidsKlingshield-products-ad      19. Klingshield "The Sun Stopper"           20. Teaching Kids All About Klingshield               21. Klingshield Logo Video


Online-quote-for-awnings-shades-and-blindsKlingshield-head-office 22. "Do You Want To Hear a Secret?” Jingle     23. Quote Form Awnings & Blinds            24. Klingshield's Head Office Video

History-of-KlingshieldKlingshied-automotive-adInterior-windscreen-film       25. The History of Window Film          26. Klingshield Jingle "Automotive Tinting”   27. Klingshield Interior Windscreen Film


Klingshield-heat-reduction-ad                                                                      46. "Remove The Heat Out of The Car” Jingle




Klingshield's Clear Paint Protection Film Stops Chips,Scratches and Small Road Debris From Damaging the Body of Vehicles

View for further information

paint protection film


View A Full Range Of Klingshield's Marketing Material,Which Will Give You A Good Understanding Of All Klingshield's Innovative Product Range. Learn more. 


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