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Klingshield is a South African leader in distributing, supplying and applying of window tinting to business,cars and home windows. Our solar film, glass film and safety film window treatments allow for maximum safety, energy efficiency and comfort.

With 40 years of comprehensive window tinting experience in window film distribution business, Klingshield offers a complete, high-quality solution for window-related problems. Based in Johannesburg, Klingshield prides itself on setting the standard in office and home window tintings for exceptional product quality, having strong business ethics and employing an outstanding professional team which offers consistent and superior customer service.
Located in South Africa, Klingshield understands customers needs: protection from the sun’s harsh ultra-violet (UV) rays and a barrier between drivers and smash-and-grab attackers or hijackers. In short, Klingshield offers a low-cost way to turn ordinary glass into high-performing solar and safety glass. In 1984 an independent report was done on Klingshield Window Film- read the results here. Klingshield holds an international patent for Window Film Graphics -United States Patent 4559732. Read our latest articles to get an expert view.  Download our latest advert now. Do it yourself with our film to glass installation guide. Klingshield now also offer Paint protection film for all parts of a cars bodywork. Read our breaking news about Sun Tek Vs Llumar


If you have a problem with your windows, Klingshield has an enormous range of window coatings to solve your problems.
Thousands of satisfied customers keep coming back to Klingshield to solve problems with regard to heat, glare, safety and to enhance the appearance of their property.
Klingshield offers a Double Guarantee against product failure and defective workmanship for periods ranging from 2,5 and 10 years as well as Lifetime depending on the window protection product selected and used. Most window film protection companies only offer a warranty on the portion of the product proved to be defective, and give no compensation for the labour factor. ''Let the buyer be aware''.
Klingshield Protection costs less than other shading devices, needs no maintenance, lasts longer and is the most effective sun control product and safety window film on the market today.
Established in 1970 in the UK, Klingshield can honesty claim to have successfully completed well over 1 million installations in South Africa since 1976, using millions of square metres of window film, window tinting, window coatings, and window protection films for office tinting, home tinting and car window tinting. Klingshield the originator of thick safety protective film for windows in the South African market in 1976. 
Klingshield delivers on time, every time. Usually it is only two to three days, at worst – within a week. Delivery as promised is a point of honour.
Klingshield’s installation teams are trained to work with minimal disruption to the client’s work schedule or daily routine and when the job is done, there is no mess left behind.
Klingshield’s Films are manufactured to ASTM, ASHRAE AND AMCAL standards in the USA, ensuring built-in quality and also tested by SABS and CSIR in RSA for various qualities.
Klingshield’s coatings are easy to clean and maintain. Written cleaning instructions are provided on completion of installations.
Our high-tech revolutionary window film range consists of 142 different types, our range is made up of clear safety films in varying thicknesses, high-tech Titanium and Platinum Sputtered and Nano Ceramic films along with conventional type reflective and non-reflective dyed films for all applications. We utilise films from many USA Manufactures; the likes of Sun Gard, Sun Tek Madico, Llumar and Solar x to name a few. Llumar high performance film in bronze and Lumar's Air Blue are the only films we use from the Llumar range as we have experienced problems with the rest of Llumar's range- especially the CDF adhesive which shows a great deal of dirt on the edges and also tends to curl on direct sunlight applications.
Sun Tek safety film in our opinion is the best in the world at the moment for clarity and its ability to hold glass together.  Sun Gard have a very good range of flat glass film. We have been using Sun Gard films for over 38 years with great success. However we do not use any water based Sun Gard films because of its poor finish. Sun Tek standard window film in the non-reflective range is a very economical film which is the only dyed one mil film.
These Sun Tek dyed films have a very short lifespan when compared to other films on the market place. Sun Tek dry adhesive is also not user friendly and we stay far away from it. When it comes to paint protection film we find Expel paint protection film to be the best as it does not curl back over-night, which the Llumar paint protection film tends to do. In summary these are some of the reasons why we refuse to use one manufacturers' full range of window coatings, tinting or paint protection films, We test all products in our in-house research facility to ensure we use only premium coating products.
When it comes to glass and film for residential tinting and window screen protection film, one needs to have experience as to products a person should purchase from window film distributors and manufacturers. We pick the cherries of each manufactures' range and therefore land up with a complete range of the best of the best which give us the widest window protection range available world wide and an edge in the market place. We know the good from the bad and manufacturers can't pull the wool over our eyes.
U.S.A manufacturers offering production and development of enhanced window film unconditionally backs all Klingshield’s products. Enjoy the benefits and security of dealing with the South African leaders who also stand by its products. Most window film suppliers and tinters limit their warrenties to the replacement of the portion of defective film and do not compensate for the labour. 
Our enhanced high performance window film range of  products have a patented scratch resistant hard coating which affords our window films with the toughest coating in the industry today, designed for years of clear viewing.
The past 38 years have been spent pioneering, developing and perfecting the application of all manufactures polyester films for the treatment of glass to motor vehicles, homes, offices and factories. We have our own testing farm to ensure the manufacture's range's have longevity.
Colourfast, high adhesive, long life, fully guaranteed Polyester Film for bonding to windows, new and old, to enhance the working environment.
Klingshield’s installation personnel are highly trained with many years of experience. They have excellent product knowledge and are committed to service excellence.
KLINGSHIELD S.A. CC is wholly South African owned and controlled. Klingshield is the world’s largest and most innovative marketers of film products in the industrial, commercial, residential and automotive fields.
Klingshield’s adhesive systems offer unprecedented clarity and adhesive bonding. We do not sell any water based adhesive films as they create a poor finish on the edges of windows, and have sub-standard shatterproof qualities.
“Genuine window film dealers have an understanding of the business, and a long range commitment to it. They have high personal standards for their work and make ethics the foundation of their business practices. They have expert product knowledge and offer a superior level of service to their customers”. This is the Mission Statement of the Medallion Group established by the Klingshield Group of Companies. The Medallion Group represents an exclusive inner circle of approved customers worldwide, of which Klingshield is a committed and proud member.


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