Klingshield for Home Windows call us for a free quoteWindow Tinting for Home Windows by Klingshield


  • Lets light in but keeps heat and glare out.
  • Keeps you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Cuts airconditioning bills substantially.
  • Softens the light to accent your décor.
  • Adds architectural value and distinctions to your windows.
  • Protects carpets, furniture and fabrics from damaging sun.
  • Protects people and property from the dangers of shattered glass in the aftermath of an accident, vandalism, smash & grab, explosions or violent weather.
  • Guaranteed against cracking, peeling and demetallising for up to 10 years.


Blue-window-tint Blue Reflective Film

Grey-window-tintGrey Reflective Film

Bronze-window-tintBronze Reflective Film

6-tint-shades-to-choose-fromFilm Densities From Inside

Silver-window-tintSilver Reflective Film

Light-silver-tintLight Silver Reflective Film

Klingshield has 40 years of comprehensive window tinting experience in the window film distribution business. Klingshield offers a complete, high-quality solution for window-related problems. Based in Johannesburg, Klingshield prides itself on setting the standard in office and home window tintings for exceptional product quality, having strong business ethics and employing an outstanding professional team which offers consistent and superior customer service.

Klingshield Window Film- The Sun Stopper

In today’s world we utilize more glass than ever before. The trend towards open plan, high curtains and extensive use of glass in homes has become the preferred standard. Glass windows are notorious energy wasters, making homeowners increasingly concerned about excessive glare and heat build up, high electricity costs from air conditions and weak impact resistance.
Klingshield installed on your windows corrects temperature imbalances, rejects harsh glare, reducing eye strain, which is a common problem while viewing TV or working on your computer screen.
Klingshield’s solar film rejects the hot sun in the summer and keeps you comfortable all year round. Klingshield also deflects annoying glare and reduces glare while watching TV. Klingshield gives you the best protection all year round and peace of mind when applied to the windows, sliding doors and other flat glass areas.
Solar film to keep you cool, control energy to save money and safety film to reduce the risk of injury. Design and decorative also available where maximum.
Klingshield for Home Windows stops the sun with Klingshield Window Film

A great deal of money is spent annually on replacing faded curtains, furniture, fabrics and carpets. Avoid this waste by installing Klingshield’s window film to your home windows. 
During summer your glass windows cause untold headaches with windows acting like a heat lamp and sauna. Airconditioning and other cooling devices are worked to the limit. Klingshield’s window film can effectively reduce the glare by 88%, keeping your sunny rooms cooler. Your furniture, carpets and curtains are protected from harmful UV light which is also damaging. Klingshield makes glass safer and is guaranteed.
Eliminate TV screen reflection. Daytime reflection from TV screens can be eliminated in two ways. The easy one is by simply pulling the curtains and cutting out all the light. The sensible way is by fitting Klingshield’s light and heat reflecting film to the windows.
At the end of the day insurance do not pay for this kind of damage, so it comes out of the homeowner’s pocket. Rather invest wisely in Klingshield’s solar protection.
Stop the Sun and Solar Energy coming in with Klingshield for Home Windows
Your home could be a death trap. Did you know that of all injuries caused by glass, 50% happen to children between the ages 5 to 14 years? Glass can be a killer! Avoid this problem by installing Klingshield’s window film to all hazardous glass areas. When applied to the inside surface it gives the glass additional strength and can withstand tremendous pressure. When a window breaks either by accident, vandalism or violent weather, glass fragments can fly everywhere, but Klingshield holds shattered glass in place to protect your family and your property from harm.
During the summer months the sun beats down on skylights and roof lights, creating intolerable conditions and playing havoc with glare on TV screens. Generally people feel best at a temperature of around 21 deg. The more the temperature rises, the more uncomfortable we feel. By applying Klingshield reflective film to the problem areas, temperatures are reduced to a more acceptable level.
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Klingshield Looks Good and Feels Great