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One Way Mirror by Klingshield

Klingshield's One Way Mirror Film

Klingshield’s range of one way mirror films come in a variety of colours :

Once installed on the inside of windows, the reflective mirror image in the colour chosen will show from the outside during the day.

Once installed your windows will still be see through with a tinted look from the inside and it will be just like wearing a pair of sunglasses.

These reflective films when viewed from the outside of a building, offer you privacy from onlookers, and therefore “pry proofing” your windows.

This range of reflective films also have the following benefits :

  • Up to 80% heat rejection from the sunlight
  • Up to 88% glare rejection from the sunlight
  • All reflective films offer 100% ultra violet light rejection, therefore reducing the fading of furnishings
  • Reflective films once applied to your windows, turn ordinary glass into safety glass
  • Once applied, offer a stylish aesthetic look with a uniform appearance to any building
  • Warranty 5 to 10 years depending on circumstances when installed on the inside of the window

Visit our online store to purchase DIY reflective window films.

Please note to obtain a one way vision internally between two offices or in a factory, will depend on the light density on either side.

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One Way Mirror

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