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Ceramic Window Film

New Ceramic 50% and Ceramic 35% Window Film

Window film manufacturers are now utilising Ceramic technology in the manufacture of window films. New Ceramic films are the buzz word with all window film manufacturers as they reject more heat and are lighter from the insider than the old style window films. By “old style” we mean non reflective dyed films.

More consumers are taking advantage of ceramic technology in homes and offices because of its overall better performance.
Specifications for Ceramic films are as follows :

Ceramic 50 Specifications

  • Heat rejection 35%
  • Glare rejection 58%
  • Ultra violet rejection 98%
  • Solar Absorption 38%
  • Visible light transmitted 42%
  • Ceramic 35 Specifications
  • Heat rejection 44%
  • Glare rejection 70%
  • Ultra violet rejection 99%
  • Solar Absorption 40%
  • Visible light transmitted 30%


  • Day and night time visibility through windows
  • Good heat rejection with substantial light transmission
  • Does not have a mirror appearance from outside
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty
  • Scratch resistant coating for durability and easy maintenance
  • Blocks 99% of ultra violet radiation, protecting all finishes and colours
  • Reduces heat build up, thus reduction in airconditioning costs
  • Reduces glare from sunlight
  • Turns ordinary glass into shatterproof glass
  • Nano Ceramic Front Windscreen Films
  • Heat rejection 86%
  • Glare rejection 22%
  • Infra red light rejection 86%
  • UV rejection 99%
  • Visible light transmitted 78%

Benefits of Nano Ceramic Front Windscreen Film

Nano Ceramic front windscreen films were originally developed for front windscreens of vehicles. Prior to the development of this product, there was no window film that offered high performance when it came to heat rejection and therefore it was not practical to put window film on front windscreens.

Higher performing films restricted light and were not legal as the law calls for a maximum of 70% light transmission through front windscreens. Ceramic being an excellent insulator of heat, is now utilised as it has an infra red rejection of 86% which in turn, reduces the inside temperatures of vehicles. Most heat coming into cars come through the front windscreen and front windscreen film is becoming more and more popular with car dealers as well as the public. This product is a highly technical product to manufacture and is very expensive.

More and more homeowners and building owners are requesting this film for flat glass areas as they like the fact that it is very light with great heat performance.

Another advantage of Nano Ceramic is that it cuts out 99% of the ultra violet light which is the main cause of fading of furniture and fabrics.

Ceramic window film is known as the Royals Royce of window film in the window film and tinting industry.

Royals Royce service in the window film business

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