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Frosted Patterned Window Films

Frosted Patterned Window Films

Klingshield offers a range of patterned window films in dots, stripes and squares. All these films have a pressure sensitive adhesion and a scratch resistant coating.

The stripes or squares are normally white translucent. In other words, you have a stripe, a clear area and a stripe. These stripes can either run vertical or horizontal depending on the decorator or consumer’s choice. These stripes are 44mm wide 10mm wide or 4mm wide.

The frosted blocks are 48mm square. This square block is the area that has a translucent or sandblasted look. In between these blocks is a clear area of 10mm.

These products also offer some solar properties. However they are designed more for safety as well as for semi-privacy. These” frosted patterned” products can be used in office partitions as well as shop windows. Some consumers are also utilising these products in bathrooms, entrance halls and other areas where privacy is required.

A complete frosted look is also available and is known as a “white translucent” or “sandblast” film. This film is used in bathrooms and other areas where total privacy day and night is required.

The beauty about these frosted or translucent films is that they allow a minimum of 70% visible light to come into spaces. This benefit allows areas to remain light as it does not act like other films that normally take away a lot more natural light.

The solar specification on the range of patterned films in stripes, dots or blocks are available from our technical department should any consumer require these performance datas.

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