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Charcoal Charcoal 35 Window Film

Charcoal Charcoal 35 High Performance Window Film

This product is very popular in homes and for cars. It is the darkest legal limit allowable by South African law for window tinting on vehicles. It is a much more efficient product than the regular 35% Charcoal non reflective films utilised by the majority of window film companies for car window tinting.

Once applied to glass it has a slight mirror like appearance from the exterior. However, it has a slight light tint from the inside. This film transmits 38% of the visible light, thereby reducing glare by 62%. Charcoal Charcoal 35 high performance film rejects 44% of the total solar energy, keeping interiors cool and reducing the load on airconditioning. This product blocks out 99% of the ultra violet radiation, protecting car interiors and house furnishing from the damaging ultra violet rays.

This product comes in a high performance pressure sensitive adhesion and has excellent optical clarity and this aggressive adhesion holds glass together should a window be broken for any reason. This film also has a patented scratch resistant coating which makes it easy for installations and long term maintenance.

Product Specification

  • Visible light transmittance 38%
  • Visible light reflectance 8%
  • Total solar transmittance 35%
  • Total solar reflectance 18%
  • Total solar absorption 47%
  • Winter U Value 1.08
  • Shading co-efficient .63
  • Percentage of visible light transmitted 1%
  • Total solar energy rejected 44%

All tests as per Aimcal and Ashrae standards on film applied to clear glass.

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