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Bronze Bronze 20 Window Film

Bronze Bronze 20 High Performance Window Film

Charcoal Charcoal 20 and Bronze Bronze 20 offer a similar performance. However the Bronze Bronze 20 has a bronze look to it, where the Charcoal Charcoal 20 has a charcoal look. Architects and designers sometimes require a bronze colour for exterior, as well as interior, to match the aesthetics of the building or interior décor.

The Bronze Bronze 20 has a slight reflective exterior look. However from the inside it is a bronze tint during the day time. The Bronze Bronze 20 transmits 18% of the visible light, thereby reducing glare by 82%. This bronze film also reduces total solar energy by 56%, reducing air conditioning costs as well as reducing electricity bills.

This film offers a 99% ultra violet radiation reflection, which in turn protects interior furnishing and fabrics from sun damage. This bronze bronze 20 film is popular in commercial as well as residential installations. It has an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesion turning ordinary glass into safety glass.

before and after with klingshield

The film comes in a width of 1500 cms and also has a scratch resistant coating to keep the product looking good for many years.

Product Specifications

  • Visible light transmittance 18%
  • Visible light reflectance 9%
  • Total solar transmittance 27%
  • Total solar reflectance 17%
  • Total solar absorption 56%
  • Winter U Value 1.08
  • Shading co-efficient .50
  • Ultra violet transmittance 1%
  • Total solar energy rejected 56%

This product is measured in accordance with Aimcal and Ashrae standards.

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