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Glass Splashbacks

Acrylic Glass Splashbacks

Splash Backs in the decorating world have and are becoming very popular due to their modern looks and many benefits. More and more Architects and Interior Decorators have fallen in love with the concept because of their striking visual appearance and many options available from plain colours to beautiful custom designs that can be created in the manufacturing process.

Another benefit is the minimal amount of joins required when compared to traditional old fashion tiles. Klingshield offers a variety of options when choosing the types of substrates that can be used in the installation of splash backs.



The number one choice is Acrylic Glass for the following reasons:

  1. The weight is half as much as glass and is 17 times more impact resistant.

Acrylic Glass is 92 percent clearer than glass, rich in colour and it reflects light evenly ,making it ideal for kitchen splash backs and others areas in homes ,offices and various parts of a building where a splash back can be used to create an amazing ambiance.
These Acrylic Glass substrates are easy to fabricate, machine or glaze even if the wall is not totally flat.
There is a wide range of striking colours to choose from and if required, can be custom made with a personal design choice or even with company logos. 
The colours are impregnated into the product in the manufacturing process,  unlike glass ones which are normally sprayed into the back.
Splash backs in Acrylic come with up to a 30 year manufacturer’s guarantee and a 10 year non-fade  guarantee.
Acrylic Glass Splash Backs are 100 percent waterproof and are easy to clean.
Acrylic comes in a high glass or matt finish with superior flatness properties.
It is also suitable for behind electric and induction cook tops in most situations.
The product is manufactured in Sweden and is made to the highest quality available world wide.This product is well priced and will be an investment in the long term to the owners of any property

  11. These Acrylic splash backs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The second most popular choice for Splash Backs are made of Aluminium Cladding:

Aluminium Cladding comprises of two  sheets of aluminium with a polyurethane core sandwiched in the middle. 
The sheets of aluminium are coated in various colours and have a baked finished in various matte colours .
This cladding product comes with a 10 year warrantee. 
Aluminium Cladding is easy to fabricate and are machined to accommodate all wall plugs and are also easy to install.
Also available in silver and other striking metallic colours.

Glass Splash Backs have many disadvantages.
Glass tends to have a greenish tint and when sprayed with a colour it never really gives you the true colour required
Glass Splash Backs have the ability to shatter when bashed with a heavy object.
Glass is a heavy substrate and the installation can be very challenging. 


Klingshield offers a supply of Splash Backs cut to size to all areas of South Africa 
and also the supply and installation of Splashbacks in the Gauteng area.

 For the supply and installation fitment we suggest that you take a photo of the area you would like to have the splash back installed and we can give you a budget price.

For the supply only you can send us sizes you require and we will send you a quote to cut it to size and if required, have it delivered to your doorstep. Splash Backs can be utilised in restaurants, cafés, entrances of buildings, dining rooms, hallways, lounges, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and many other areas and spaces


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