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Silver 50 Semi Reflective Window Film

Silver 50 Semi Reflective Klingshield Film

Silver 50 is obviously 15% lighter than Silver 35 and 30% lighter than Silver 20. The reason we have Silver 35 and Silver 50 is because some consumers require more light in their homes and offices than others. Although Silver 20 is still the biggest window film seller in the world, the lighter silver films are popular in some areas where absorption could be a consideration.

Silver 50 is almost a transparent film from inside and outside. However, when the sun shines on a window with Silver 50 one gets a semi reflective “mirrored” look. From the inside it is very light with a slight tint and is hardly noticeable.

Silver 50 also has a very good scratch resistant coating as well as a very aggressive adhesion system. This system is designed to hold glass together should an explosion or riot attack take place within the vicinity. The glass will be held together and will therefore reduce injuries to humans as well as reduce damage caused by flying glass to properties.

Silver 50 has also been reasonably popular in homes as it stops 99% of the intense ultra violet radiation from fading carpets, curtains and furnishings. Glare will be reduced by 50% and the infra red (heat) will be reduced considerably.

Data Product Specifications for Silver 50 Semi Reflective Pressure Sensitive Scratch Resistant Window Film

  • Visible light transmitted 47%
  • Visible light reflectance 27%
  • Solar transmittance 37%
  • Total solar reflectance 27%
  • Total solar absorption 36%
  • U Value 1.00
  • Ultra violet transmission Less than 12%
  • Total solar energy rejected 54%

All specifications mentioned above have been measured in accordance with AIMCAL and Ashrae Standards.

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