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High Performance Car Windows

Klingshield and Car Windows

Klingshield car window films protect your upholstery, dashboard and other interior parts from fading and cracking due to the reduction of ultra violet light created with the application of Klingshield’s “smash and grab” window films.

Apart from giving your windows the look of expensive tinted glass, Klingshield’s “smash and grab” window films reduce the risk of penetration by thugs at robots and intersections.

Klingshield’s window films on cars looks “hot” but does not allow the heat in! Driving in the South African sun on a hot humid day one can experience a miserable drive. The sun burns through your car windows making you feel uncomfortable and forcing you to switch your airconditioner on to remove the heat that has entered through the windows, making your car feel like a sauna.

Klingshield’s range of car window film is a sensible way to block heat and glare and enjoy the sun without losing your cool. The 100 micron solar safety window film material offers you plenty of sunlight with very little heat. When applied to the interior of the side windows, back windows and windscreen of your car the film acts as a solar shield barrier which would normally just have passed through the glass. With less heat and glare inside your car there is less strain on your eyes and your airconditioner, saving you money at the petrol station.

Dont Drive Naked

Klingshield’s range of window films turns an ordinary car into a luxury looking car. Klingshield’s window films also stop 99% of the sun’s ultra violet radiation. This radiation causes your carpets and upholstery to be ruined.

Klingshield’s car window film is available in a range of tints and reflective finishes that appear neutral when looking out your window. The film does not hamper your view on the road and has been passed by the South African Bureau of Standards and gazetted in the Government Gazette as a legal limit window film for cars. The darkest legal limit is a 35% visible light transmittance film which will fight glare and ease eye strain, especially in the early morning and late afternoon when glare is at its worst.

Most important, Klingshield’s smash and grab window film acts as a steel curtain holding shattered glass in place protecting driver and passengers from serious injury should there be an accident. The film also forms a barrier when applied to your windows, making it harder for smash and grabbers to break in.

All Klingshield’s range of window films have a tough scratch resistant coating which will resist scratching due to the up and down movement of side windows

High performance and sputtered films are the best performing films available for car windows due to the sputtering technology which utilises special metals and alloys when coating window film. These sputtered films block out 50% more heat than conventional tinted window films and are slowly but surely being utilised by more and more car owners as they realise the benefits.

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