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Silver 35 Semi Reflective

Silver 35 Semi Reflective Window Film

Silver 35 semi reflective window film is 15% lighter than the Silver 20 window film. In the manufacturing process, when the Aluminium is coated on to the film within a vacuum chamber, less aluminum is allowed to settle, therefore creating a lighter film.

This product is utilised in homes and offices where the consumer finds Silver 20 too shiny from the outside and too dark from the inside. Silver 35 allows in 35% of the visible light and has a semi-reflective look from the outside. In other words when the sun shines directly on the window from the outside, it takes on a “mirror” appearance. However, on an overcast day, the film has a semi-reflective look from the outside. You cannot see exactly who is behind the window, but you can see shadow outlines of people.

The Silver 35 window film comes with a scratch resistant coating and a pressure sensitive adhesion. This adhesion system will ensure that when the glass is broken or shattered, the film will hold the glass in place, reducing injury to personnel and property.

The solar absorption factor of Silver 35 is lower than the Silver 20 and therefore less risky to glass cracking from stress or movement of the glazing material.

Silver 35 stops 99% of the ultra violet light, the main cause of fading of furnishings in homes as well as office interiors.

Data Product Specifications of Silver 35 Semi Reflective Window Film Visible light transmitted 28%

  • Visible light reflected 44%
  • Total solar energy transmitted 22%
  • Total solar energy reflected 43%
  • Total solar energy absorbed 35%
  • U Value .99
  • Shading co-efficient .26
  • Ultra Violet transmitted Less than 1%
  • Total solar energy rejected 68%

As you can see from the above specifications, Silver 35 still reduces the total solar energy coming through a window by 68%. Silver 20 window film reduces total solar energy by 79%.

For further information on all technical specifications and any sun control queries, please contact our Call Centre at our Head Office 011 640-5053.