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Upholstery Protection

Upholstery Protection

Keeping the interior of your car sparkling and new is a difficult exercise. We spend so much time in our cars. However, most people do not protect their fabrics and upholstery from various spills that so often occur.

Applying your upholstery with Klingshield’s new Fabric Shield, which is a water based coating, your upholstery will be protected against fading from the sun’s ultra violet light. Fabric Shield protection adheres to upholstery and carpets, forming a barrier that protects against permanent damage resulting from water, moisture, dirt, salt and various spills.

Klingshield’s professional treatment centre offers an array of products for the protection of upholstery, vinyl and leather. The carpets and upholstery are first thoroughly cleaned and then applied with Fabric Shield, which bonds to the fibres of the fabric and creates a barrier.

With the ever increasing cost of vehicles, more and more consumers are making use of this invisible barrier and find it is a good investment as Fabric Shield will prevent your upholstery from being stained with milk, wine, tea and various other liquids that are consumed in vehicles and keep the interior of your car looking good. As a matter of interest, milk spillage is a major problem as it is extremely difficult to remove the smell. Fabric Shield will not affect the original appearance of your car’s upholstery, carpets and other fabric areas within the vehicle.

Fabrice Shield

Independent tests in the USA show that Fabric Shield new water based coating will create a surface which makes it easier for any spills to be wiped off.

Bacteria, fungus and dust mites can no longer breed in your upholstery, therefore creating a more hygienic area in your vehicle. One will also save money on shampoos and various other cleaning products that are used in everyday life.

Once applied, it makes the surface slick enough to resist dirt, water, and various other stains.

This service is only available for new cars, as any old upholstery needs to be shampooed and cleaned professionally prior to the installation of Fabric Shield. If Fabric Shield is applied to a second hand car’s upholstery, the dirt will not allow the Fabric Shield to absorb into the fabric and create the necessary barrier.

In addition, this new product will enhance the look and increase the resale value of your vehicle.

For further information, watch our website, as we will be adding technical information and photographs , showing the results of how Fabric Shield works under independent testing conditions.


Fabric Shield