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Stop The Sun Fading Your Furnishings

The Sun Stopper

Sun-Gard window film from Klingshield is available in clear, tinted or reflective, in a variety of colours – silver, bronze, grey, blue, green and neutrals. The films are also available in different light densities, from 5%, 15%, 35%, 50% and 70%.

All window film supplied by Klingshield stops 99% of the ultra violet light which protects costly furnishings from harmful sun rays. Heat and glare also cause some fading, therefore the consumer needs to compensate when choosing a film, as the more heat and glare reduction coming in through the window will improve fade resistance.

Stop the Sun

In today’s time the prices of carpets, curtains and furnishings are very expensive indeed and with the application of Sun-Gard window film one can save heaps of money by avoiding having to replace these expensive commodities in the future.

Applying Sun-Gard window film is an inexpensive method of turning your ordinary glass into a solar safety glass. Klingshield’s window film comes with a guarantee of between 2 years and a lifetime, depending on the type of film chosen.

Scratch resistant coatings are applied to all Klingshield’s films, offering a hard surface which will not be damaged during normal washing and cleaning.

Klingshield’s applicators offer quality work with minimum disruption to working routines in your home, office or car.

Fading Stop

Female tinters set themselves apart from the men as they offer a gentle hand with excellent application finishes.

Windows are responsible for 35% of the total energy wasted in a building due to airconditioning and cooling systems which are required to pump the heat back out of the building. This 35% of energy comes from the sunlight and more and more building owners are “going green” by installing Sun-Gard film to reduce heat build-up, glare, maintain consumer comfort in spaces as well as saving money on electricity bills.

It is interesting to read how companies are researching and developing and busy formulating a product that will be applied to the glass surface of a building to collect energy and regenerate it into power. These skyscrapers in the future will be known as “energy towers” and “power plants”, by stopping the sunlight from entering the building, absorbing the sun’s heat and creating energy by turning the sun into power.

Big cities around the world all want to become “green cities” and be less reliant on electricity. This is the future and all cities will strive to be amongst the forerunners in green technology worldwide.

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Sun Stopper