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Sputter Bronze 20 Window Film

Sputter Bronze 20 Window Film

Sputter Bronze 20 is very popular in homes and offices due to its excellent heat rejection of 77%. From the outside this film has a soft reflective look. However from the inside it appears very light. This excellent solar energy rejection of 77% dramatically reduces heat going into a building and thus cuts airconditioning costs to a minimum.

The visible light transmission of 19% relates to an 81% glare reduction, which is very useful for computer rooms and open plan offices. This product is also ideal in homes where consumers suffer from overheating by the direct sunlight.

This product has a shading co-efficiency of .26, making this product about 4 times more efficient than clear glass.

All sputter films contain no dyes and will not fade as the metallic coating is achieved by a sputtering process. Metal and alloys are used in this most advanced process and this film keeps the inside of your premises cool and also protects furnishings from sun fading as it cuts out 99% of the ultra violet light.

Once applied, the product has an expensive tinted glass look. Sputter film allows plenty of sunlight without the sun’s heat penetrating.

This sputter bronze film resists scratching as it has a special scratch resistant coating that is easy to clean with a mild liquid cleaner. The product has a pressure sensitive adhesion which holds shattered glass in place to deter vandalism and protect you from injuries.

Sputter Bronze 20 has been tested as per Aimcal and Ashrae standards and the reason it is so popular is because it has a low solar absorption factor compared to any other bronze film. This absorption factor of 39% is low enough to enable Klingshield to apply the Sputter Bronze film safely to laminated glass, reducing the risks of cracking.

Sputter Bronze 20 Performance Data

  • Total solar energy transmitted (allowed in) 13%
  • Total solar energy reflectance 48%
  • Total solar energy absorbed 39%
  • Visible light transmitted (allowed in) 19%
  • Visible light reflectance 38%
  • Winter U value 1.04
  • Ultra violet light transmitted 1%
  • Shading co-efficient .26
  • Total solar energy rejected 77%