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Film On Glass Roofs

Sloped Glass Roof Designs

One of the most popular call-outs in the window film business is for homeowners and business people who live under a glass roof, as the sun shines through, making life very uncomfortable and unpleasant. The radiant hot sun passes through the glazing and heats up the temperature in the room to a level that is totally unacceptable.

The bright rays also make it uncomfortable and one sometimes even needs to wear sunglasses indoors. The hot part of the sun is known in technical terms as the infra red rays. This is the part of the sunlight that causes the temperature coming through the glass to become unbearable.

Because the moisture vapour is a reality in skylights, one can use the new magic cleaning product by klingshield called "Kleenshield", a liquid glass coating product which keeps glass clear for long periods of time. This product coats the glass or film and dirt does not stick to it, thereby keeping skylights clean for longer periods of time and saves on cleaning chores.

SABS Film accredited

Sloped glazing will remain very popular as modern building are using this in their designs as it enhances the aesthetics of all new buildings.

Most fabricating glass roof suppliers don't warn their customers of this problem and many architects have never had the experience of living under a glass roof light and also don't take this problem into consideration.

Klingshield the specialists in solar control on glass, have installed their highly reflective film on hundreds of skylights over the years with great success. The most popular film for skylights is the silver 15 reflective which stops 80% of the heat from entering through the glass area. This highly reflective film is coated with a thin layer of aluminium that is so thin one can still see through the glass during the day and enjoy the clouds and have the feeling of outside living.

This Klingshield silver reflective will not fade and will do it's function day in and day out for many, many years to come by keeping that sun room cool and comfortable and glare free. The film blocks 80% of the glare so the need for sun glasses indoors is a thing of the past.

Another advantage of the silver film is that it stops the UV from damaging your furniture in the sun room and will also improve your lifestyle. The UV is a dangerous part of the sun which we can all do without. Humans wear sun screens to stop the UV from damaging their health as it can cause skin cancer.

The silver Klingshield reflective film once applied to glass also turns ordinary glass into shatterproof glass which will reduce the risk of flying glass should we experience a hail storm, which has shattered windows in the past in the Gauteng area.

Klingshield film comes with a product guarantee and also has a scratch resistance surface to make sure it keeps the original appearance it had on the day it was installed.

It is important for designers, glass enclosure companies and Architects to take note of the problems and make sure their client’s budget for Klingshield after they have had the skylight installed as it is a necessity and an excellent choice if they want their client to enjoy this new space.

Glass skylights will remain popular in all new modern buildings as it enhances the aesthetics of today's architectural designs.


Silver 15 Reflective