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What’s Lurking in your Upholstery?

Recently we have read in numerous publications about the health hazards associated with upholstery of vehicles. Allergies such as itching, asthma, hayfever, sinus, itchy eyes and red spots can be caused from dust mites that are most common and breed in upholstery all year round.

Research shows that millions of dust mites live and breed in your upholstery no matter how clean you are. Infections from germs can lead to vomiting, fever and loss of appetite.

Fabric-Shield applied to your upholstery is the only natural patented coating that defects bacteria by sanitising upholstery. It is a chemical free product, with organic additives and eliminates viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts and moulds.


Fabric Shield

Fabric-Shield was originally designed to reduce staining on upholstery. Once applied, various types of liquids do not stain and absorb into the fabric. They sit on the liquid film coating and can be absorbed with a dry cloth very easily.

This new technology for motor cars will play an important role in the future as consumers use their cars as offices and dining rooms. Numerous people eat and drink whilst driving and these food products create bacteria . To avoid this, Fabric-Shield is a must and will also keep your upholstery looking fresh, new and stain free.

Fabric-Shield comes with a 3 year warranty on new car applications and is now part of Klingshield’s “5 in One” car treatments available. For more information on these treatments please view our website under the headings of Stone-Shield, Fabric-Shield, Smash & Grab, Kleen-Shield and Front Windscreen protection.