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Bronze Bronze 35 Window Film

Bronze Bronze 35 High Performance Window Film

Bronze Bronze 35 window film is very popular with the residential market as consumers normally prefer less reflectivity when it comes to exteriors. This product has a slight reflectivity when viewing from the outside. However, when viewing from the inside out, it has a slight bronze tint.

Bronze Bronze 35 is also an alternative for car windows as it has a higher performance than the non reflectives that are usually used by tinters on side and back windows of cars.
This product transmits 35% of the visible light into the car, which is the darkest legal limit allowed by the South African authorities. With only 35% visible light coming into the car, obviously 65% of the glare is reduced with this product

Bronze Bronze 35 blocks 99% of the ultra violet rays, protecting interior of cars as well as furnishing in rooms, from fading. The main benefit of this product is that it rejects 51% of total solar energy which is the most important performance of any window film. By blocking over 50% of solar energy, one keeps rooms cool and comfortable at a stabilising temperature and also saves on airconditioning costs. If half the heat is cut out, obviously consumers would require less airconditioning to keep spaces cool.

This Bronze Bronze 35 comes in an aggressive pressure sensitive high performance adhesive. This adhesive system which is applied to the film, will reduce injury from flying glass, whether from smash and grab attacks or stoning by rioters. The results are always the same – the film will hold the glass together and reduce injury from these flying shards of glass

Bronze Bronze 35 also has a patented scratch resistant coating on the film which reduces wear and tear and keeps the product looking good year in and year out. This scratch resistant coating has been tested by South African Bureau of Standards using a taber abrasive system. Should any of our customers require copies of these tests please contact our technical department

Other data performance and testing have been carried out in accordance with Ashrae and Amcal standards as well as other independent test laboratory results.


Performance Data on Bronze Bronze 35

  • Total solar transmitted (allows in) 35%Total solar reflected 17%
  • Total solar absorbed 48%
  • Percentage of visible light transmitted (allows in) 35%
  • Visible light reflected 12%
  • U value 1.14
  • Ultra violet transmitted (allows in) 1%
  • Shading co-efficient .56
  • Total solar energy rejected 51%

Should you require any further information on our range of high performance films please contact us.