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A Different Window Film Company

Why are we different from other Window Film Companies?

The reason that we are different to other window film companies, is because we are prepared to share our knowledge with the market place in order to enhance our industry. Most business men keep their cards very close to their chest and are unwilling to impart their knowledge to other players.
Museum Film
As we all know, experience costs money and that is the main reason why window film entrepreneurs are not prepared to give away their information and experiences as they feel that these costly mistakes must be experienced by each individual.
After 40 years of experience in the window film industry, Klingshield has been there and done it all and it gives us pleasure to enlighten other industry players on how to run and succeed in a window film business.
Another reason why we believe in sharing ideas and information is to enable the market to expand and mature, which in the end will benefit all players. As they say in the classics “Competition is good for business”.
Rainbow Film
On the question of why we are different, certain factors come to mind.
Passion We at Klingshield have a passion for this industry and we love and enjoy what we do every day. “We have been successful because we understand and know how to sell and promote film on a daily basis, never giving up on our belief in the value of our products.”
Many window film companies order rolls and rolls of film which end up sitting in warehouses collecting dust. What we at Klingshield do is to ensure that those rolls of film go on to windows to improve the overall performance of glass.
Work-A-Holics Klingshield’s staff members are hand picked and personally trained to ensure that each and every member is an expert in their own field and understands exactly what is expected of them as a player in the Klingshield team.
Service Each and every member of our staff complement are aware of the fact that our company offers “service with a smile”. Our customers are the most important people in our lives and it is not about us, it is about our customers!
Delivery When a customer has been given a promise, we stick to that promise and offer a money back guarantee on the product. In other words, if somebody is not satisfied with our product we are prepared to refund them.
Klingshield Everywhere
To date, over the last 40 years, we have had virtually no complaints on service and product failure. This can be verified by the compliments we have received which are available on the “Testimonial” page on our website.

Value for Money

Our prices are fair, market related and we always offer good value for money.


Our warranties extend from one year to a lifetime, depending on the product chosen and the manufacturer’s standard guarantee. All our films are scratch resistant and offer excellent wear and tear resistancy.


We appreciate that the quality of our work is only as good as our last installation and every piece of glass with Klingshield window film is treated on an individual basis with the utmost care. We also appreciate every order we receive whether big or small, as we understand that small jobs lead to big jobs.

Word of Mouth Referrals

We know how smart our product is and what excellent performance it offers once applied to glass, as most of our business comes from past customers and referrals which in itself tells a story!
“Satisfied customers bring more customers”
These are some of the reasons why we believe we are different to other window film companies, as our brand name is more important to us than our bottom line.
For further valuable information to all players in the window film industry and also to understand more clearly why we believe that we are the most innovative marketers of window film worldwide, read our many articles which appear on the Article page of our website.

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