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Clear Window Film

The best window film in the market.

What Klingshield hopes to bring to you in the future is self cleaning, non-reflective film that is intelligent. Glass applied with this product can tell when to darken to a perfect tint that is the perfect tone for the level of sunlight but still ensuring 100%visibility.

There is a new, revolutionary spectrally- selective nano-ceramic coatings which has allowed for the industry’s first full line of nano-ceramic film. This allows maximun light while keeping the destructive infrared heat and UV rays out. Its a little more expensive that convenual window film but its worth it.

In short, nano-ceramic window film is an ultra-transparent film applied direcly to the interior of windows in a car, home or business to form a protective barrier against the sun radiation.These film are an excellent solution to rasing enegy costs, because they reduce solar heat gain by as much as 85%.

What advanced cermanic window film does , is to provide all the benefits of traditional window films without changing the way your office, home, or car looks-only how it feels. This innovation allows natural light in- while blocking out uncomfortable heat, damaging UV rays, and distracting glare-leaving you with nothing but a perfect clear, totally natural view.

New ceramic window film have been designed to bring you the highest possible visual acuity with minimal reflection. The result is, the clearest window film availabe today, providing 99% UV protection and high infrared rejection.

Solar window film is the only building upgrade that positively affects both the the inside and outside of your facility by creating exterior uniformity while enhancing overall building performance. what.s more, every 10 square meters of product installed on glass equal one ton of air conditioning.

Klingshield understands that, in order to keep customers satisfied, a company must remain progressive. because of this, Klingshield makes a point of staying on top of the industry. Klingshield will always be first to offer the latest window film technology in the market place. We are different from our compeditors.


anti uv window film for residential use

New Nano-Ceramic window film offers excellent properties in summer and winter.It also acts as a low e window film, thereby saving money on airconditioning in summer and reducing heating bills in winter.