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Convex Mirrors

Convex Mirrors

Concave Convex Mirrors for Traffic Control and Commercial Surveillance.

Convex Safety Mirrors are round diameter mirrors that come in different sizes to offer the best visible solution, depending on the circumstances in a “blind spot” situation.

Convex Dome Safety Mirrors are impact and UV resistant and the shaping technique ensures reflection that gives a clear and non-distorted image.
They are engineered to give a true presentation of the situation and will not enhance or alter the image of the surroundings.


Klinshield Convex Mirrors

This product is sold for DIY only- supply of product excludes installation.

Convex Safety Mirrors are bulging out reflective mirrors, creating a reflective image similar to “fish-eye” wide distance technology. 

They are also known as dome mirrors and traffic mirrors and are a cost effective solution to increase overall awareness and visibility.

These convex mirrors have been moulded during the manufacturing process, with a certain bulge to give them a reflection around surrounding areas. They are very popular in driveways and narrow winding alleyways where visibility of traffic is a problem to drivers and pedestrians.

These security mirrors are also designed to improve visibility and safety for indoor usage where “blind spots” are a problem. 

The images on the convex mirrors are smaller, but get bigger as the object comes closer or approaches the mirror, giving it a “wide range view”.

Klingshield’s convex mirrors come in four sizes 

  •  300mm is recommended up to a distance up to 4 metres 
  •  450mm is recommended up to a distance up to 6 metres 
  •  650mm is recommended up to a distance up to 10 metres 
  •  900mm is recommended up to a distance up to 16 metres 


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Our labour cost to install in the Gauteng area is R500-00 per mirror for travelling and installation.

Klingshield’s Convex Mirrors are considered the very best with a reputation for quality, excellent design as well as competitive pricing.

Klingshield‘s convex mirrors come complete with adjustable mountings to be able to fit into any indoor or outdoor area as required.

Convex mirrors are used in retail stores, hallways of buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, A.T.M’s (for safety purposes) and other building sites.

Convex mirrors are manufactured from tough Polycarbonate with a top unique shading device to reduce reflection from the sun on the mirror.

Convex Mirrors were first invented in France and have played a major role in reducing accidents and also for spotting would-be shoplifters in the retail environment.

They are also used in warehousing to avoid accidents where forklifts are in continuous use.

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