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Do It Yourself

Window Film DIY Film Kits

For the folks out there that are handy and don't want to pay for professional installers to visit you, then DIY Klingshield is the answer. We make it easy with two key DIY items:

1. Do It Yourself Film Kits download our form & return to us.

2. Step by step Instruction guide visit our instruction page.

  • We can help you order the right window film
  • We can cut it to size
  • We supply the tools you need and after almost 50 years in the Window Film business
  • We show you how to do the job just like our trained staff.
  • We ship our DIY kits all over South Africa and various African countries.

What's more is that we have even made videos outlining the entire process.

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Click Here to downloadDownload our DIY FORM