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Anti-Glare Film

Anti-Glare Solutions for Windows


It is important to have a glare-free situation, as the sun creates a problem causing visual discomfort, fatigue, eye strain and headaches. This problem tends to go unnoticed by Managers. 
With excessive glare and direct sunlight shining on computer screens, making it harder to view, glare from direct sunlight is a very serious problem and efforts have to be made to reduce the intensity of this light source.
sun and glare
Blinds and curtains block out the glare, but unfortunately they block out all the light and leave you with no view to the outside world.

Dark non-reflective window films are ideal for blocking out glare, as the 5% non-reflective grey film will stop 95% of the glare, still allowing light in and a view to the outside. These non-reflective films are very popular in areas such as call centres, where numerous people work on computers all day.

Stop the Sun


Window surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned before the application of the non-reflective film can be applied with special tools to normal panes of glass, cut to size and adhered directly on to the glass.

Getting our staff into a better comfort zone generates more productivity and better overall results. We need to improve the efficiency of our windows in buildings. Different products are used in different problem areas, whether the problem be heat, glare or anti-fade. The results with window film tinting is always the same.

Window film acts as an anti glare filter, heat barrier and UV protector and retains heat during winter months and saves money on reduced airconditioning and heating costs.

Should you have a glare or heat problem in your offices, it is advisable to get a consultant to help select the correct product for your windows. One has to be careful, as some films absorb too much heat and can create cracking, especially where windows have heavy drapes or blinds. These drapes and blinds tend to hold the heat between the glass and the blind and create enormous hot spots which in turn makes glass expand, and in some cases causes it to crack.

Should you require any further information on how to obtain a glare free office, please view our website under “Performance of Films” or contact us to obtain the correct advice on the most suitable product for your window related problems.

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Anti-Glare Window Film