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Customer Service

Klingshield Focuses on Customer Services

Klingshield has been in the window film and tinting business for the past forty years and understands, as well as being willing and able to provide what the consumer needs when it comes to window protection, and they remain a key factor to their continued success.

Klingshield’s willingness to meet all new requirements of users regardless of cost to develop new innovative products has earned it a lot of goodwill and an invaluable reputation in the market place.

We have found that all our improved products, our flexibility and versatility has been of great benefit in winning us additional business, as well as us gaining new loyal customers, comments Leon Levy, CEO of Kingshield.

We keep getting calls from old customers who have had a wonderful and successful experience with our window film products whether it was on their office, home or car and this has paid off as some installations are up to forty years old and still doing the function it was designed to do.  Nine out of ten customers come back for more.

Looks Good Feels Great

All window related problems are challenges to us as we have an array of window film products to solve most problems. We assist consumers in choosing the right product to suit the situation, as we measure the intensity of the sunlight with special highly sophisticated equipment and diagnose the problem and then recommend the solution. This is similar to a doctor who  would diagnose an illness and then prescribe the correct medicine for that particular illness.

We offer fair prices and good value for money.  We are not always the cheapest as we only use the best products available in the market place. Not all window films are the same and today this industry is a very sophisticated industry and it is important for the consumer to understand the differences in the manufacturing processes. One can get a cheap and nasty product that will only last a short time or a premium product that could almost last a lifetime.

The warranty plays a very important part in the product and the company one chooses, as most companies have a very poor record when it comes to warranty claims.

Klingshield prides itself in hassle-free warranty claims for labour and materials. Check out our testimonials they speak for themselves!  

It has taken us forty years to develop a range of over one hundred films which have been independently tested to ensure that they conform to the advertised specifications. Our range is the largest in the industry and Klingshield is known all over the globe as being the most advanced and innovative window film company in the world.

The Klingshield Team