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Car Window Tinting

Klingshield Car Window Tinting

There are many reasons why you should consider original Klingshield Window Tinting for your vehicle.

Our window film is fitted to both new and used cars at our head office in Joburg contact us to find car window tinting near me. We also have appointed and approved auto-tint dealer centres located across Southern Africa, which we have carefully selected in almost 50 years of business.


Klingshield’s high performance window films are made of polyester with strength one third as strong as steel. It adheres to windows like a later of safety glass, preventing glass from shattering and adds protection against stone throwers and hijackers, safeguarding your possessions and your life.

Sun Protection

Klingshield stops your car upholstery and carpeting from fading by reducing ultra violet rays by 99% . It also prevents dashboards from cracking.

 Klingshield Car Window Tinting


Klingshield prevents heat from entering through your car windows by as much as 60%. It reduces inside temperature and gives you more privacy. Improve your car appearance with a custom look. Klingshield filters 70% of the sun’s glare and is optically clear and distortion free.


Klingshield window film keeps your car cool, you less air conditioning which equals less fuel consumption and saves money. Excellent proposition for company fleets. Is available in scratch resistant finishes, range of different colours, clears, or tinted. Lifetime guarantees and professional installations (see “Customer Testimonials” page).

Shades of Tint

Clear Car Window Tint
50% Car Window Tint
35% Car Window Tint
20% Car Window Tint

Privacy For President, Pop Stars And You


Some very important people ranging from Presidents and Cabinet Ministers to Trade Union Leaders and Pop Stars, are protected by Klingshield’s glazing and auto safety tint polyester films. One icon for example – Nelson Mandela, has had the windows of his retirement home fitted with Klingshield reflective film and for the record, when he travels, his bodyguards remain discreetly incognito in cars fitted with auto safety tint film. The promoters of a well known pop star who visited this country recently took the precaution of having their luxury mini bus fitted with Klingshield’s auto safety tint film. It enabled the singer to get a look at Johannesburg and other parts of the country without being seeing or recognized. Many well known companies and banks have had their fleet cars privatized in this way. Follow the lead of the rich and famous by having your car privatized, heat protected and your windows shatterproofed with Klingshield’s auto safety tint film - drive in style and safety!!
pic of independant test

Car Window Tinting Protects Both Driver And Car


The car window tinting industry continues to grow following the passing of legislation in 1990, legislating the tinting of windows to a maximum of 35% light penetration. Past experience shows that drivers safety and car protection are the two main reasons why car owners have their cars fitted with Klingshield. The car film considerably reduces heat and glare, improving driver comfort. Up to 90% of the suns harmful ultra violet rays are kept out by the film. An important factor for motorists who park their cars outside or for those who spend long periods of time in their cars. 

The reflection of ultra violet rays protects upholstery and plastic finishes inside the car, therefore helping to retain its resale value. Tinted windows also help reduce heat build up in the vehicle, especially where the car is airconditioned. The reduced loading on the system and increased efficiency has a resultant spinoff in fuel saving. Window tinting also reflects the glare from the sun, as well as headlight glare at night.


Klingshield and Porsche

What The Law States


No persons shall operate on a public road any motor vehicle with a visible light transmission. The windscreen must allow at least 70% of the visible light into the car and any other side window must allow in at least 35% of the visible light into the car. The law also states that any film or tinting material applied to any windscreen, window or partition is free from bubbles, tears and scratches. Government Notice – Department of Transport No. R910 26th April 1990 Road Traffic Act 1989 Act No. 29 of 1989. Consolidated road traffic regulations. The Minister of Transport and Public Works and Land Affairs has in terms of Section 132 of the Road Traffic Act 1998 promulgated the regulation in this schedule.

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