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Car Window Tinting Near Me

Car Window Tinting Johannesburg

You can find car window tinting fitment near you; the first consideration is proximity to your location. For example, if you are in Johannesburg, you can book your car into Klingshield’s fitment centre located at our head office in Raedene.



Directions to Klingshield Car Window Tinting

We are located at:

33 Durham Street Raedene Johannesburg. Find us with these GPS details or on Google Maps.

Directions to Klingshield Joburg


South African Car Window Tinting Locations

If you live outside of Johannesburg in places like Cape Town Pretoria, Durban, and Centurion and are looking for prices and car tinting near you, contact Klingshield. We have a national registered dealer network to whom we can refer you. These dealers have been trained to install Klingshield original premium car tinting, smash & grab products.


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Why Car Window Tinting Near Me



  1. What thickness of the film will be installed. There are several choices when it comes to thicknesses.The thicker the film, the stronger the window becomes to impact attacks.
  2. The prospect needs to understand the light density or shading strength.The darker the film, the better the glare and heat rejection the film offers.
  3. Appointment times need to be made to ensure the car is taken on time. The complete installation will take approximately three hours, depending on the size of the vehicle.
  4. A first-class lounge with free wifi will be available for clients who want to wait for their cars to be treated.
  5. A final price will be confirmed, so when the customer comes in, everything has been finalised and discussed


Why Choose Klingshield


    Why Choose Klingshield for Car Window Tinting?


    When choosing a supplier for any project, it is essential to make sure you can trust the company to deliver on its promises.

    Kilingshield's philosophy is to ''never underdeliver and over promises''. Talk is cheap; however, action always counts.

    1. Klingshield offers the finest smash and grab tinting on the South African market.
    2. We always encourage the prospect to install the thickest 150-micron film on their vehicle windows.This double thick protection offers the best protection for impact resistance. We recommend this premium product because South African drivers are very vulnerable to attack due to the volatile environment in the country. Smash and grabs frequently occur at traffic lights while motorists wait for these lights to change.
    3. As far as the shading of the windows is concerned, Klingshield offers the best solution to suit the environment once again.
    4. The front windscreen should be fitted with the new Nano Ceramic 70 per cent light density car window tinting.The protection cuts the blinding glare one can experience while driving in the early morning or late afternoon.Glare at night will be reduced due to the tint in the film, making it most straightforward to focus when blinding bright light from oncoming vehicle shine in one's eyes. This sun protection film also reduces the sun's heat that penetrates the front windscreen on a sunny day. The inside temperature is reduced, making the vehicle's cabin a lot more comfortable. This front windscreen film also reduces the fading of the upholstery by cutting out 99 per cent of the dangerous ultraviolet light.The plastics on the dash will be protected and not crack or deteriorate.The Nano-Ceramic film, once applied, will add additional strength to the windscreen should a projectile be thrown at the windshield. With all the above advantages, this windscreen protection has become very popular with many drivers on South African roads.
    5. The best protection for the driver and passenger windows is a medium density film, known as a 35 per cent light density. The specification for the side window known in the market as ''smash and grab film'' calls for 35 per cent of the light to enter the vehicle windows, cutting out 65 per cent of the sunlight. This is the darkest legal limit allowed by the road regulations act. This specified film offers privacy from onlookers, making drivers feel more comfortable and safer. 
    6. For protection on the back windows of any vehicle, we always recommend the darker film for the following reasons. The dark 20 per cent light density ''smash and grab films'' cut out 80 per cent of the total solar energy creating a very cool cabin temperature. This dark tint offers excellent privacy from the exterior and creates a very slick look.
    7. This hybrid combination is the latest look enhancing the aesthetic and protection available exclusively by Klingshield. We believe this is the best protection and value available on the world market money can buy when upgrading any vehicle.

    Old Klingshield Cars with window tint

    If one is a driver on the South African roads, this protection is a ''no brainer.''

    Klingshield spends large amounts of its income on educating motorists about the importance of installing protection on the vehicle windows.

    Our call centre receives numerous daily calls from our extensive marketing campaigns and explains in detail precisely what the enquirer is going to get for the hard-earned money.