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Window Film & Tinting Cape Town

Window Tinting Cape Town


National Parliament, many Government office buildings and museums are located in Cape Town. From the early 70’s Klingshield has been doing window tinting in Cape Town by installing and distributing solar control solar window film for buildings, homes and cars here.

The average weather in Cape Town in the summer months reaches an average of 26 deg. C or 79deg.F. Hot mountain winds blow in all directions, creating extremely hot and uncomfortable offices and homes

Environmental studies have shown that by reducing the temperature inside spaces, it brings it to a stable level and therefore less airconditioning is required. There is a saving on electricity bills, as well as the reduction of carbon footprint which makes the city a pioneer in green awareness. Klingshield’s solar window film reduces temperatures inside buildings to create a more amenable working and living environment.

Our new technology Nano Ceramic window film would improve the overall performance of window film in the Cape, as it is the only product available in the market which can reduce infra red (heat) by 91%. These new ceramic technology products are a breakthrough in the window film industry and outperform all the previous old technology window film that is still around today.

These Nano Ceramic solar films offer a 99% UV reduction which caters for saving and health issues regarding skin cancer and the like. The strong sun rays create problems for commuters in vehicles who suffer from eye strain, headaches and driving fatigue. All these problems can be alleviated by having Klingshield’s car window film installed on your vehicle.

Klingshield’s Nano Ceramic window film is shades above the rest. The technology is more sophisticated as we are dealing with many Nano coatings. The optical clarity is superb.

Klingshield Window Film

It would be a good investment to replace all “used by date” window film which has been performing fiercely every day rejecting the sun’s rays year after year. No product lasts forever, especially when being tackled by the sun. Most window films stop 99% of ultra violet light, a large portion of the glare (visible light) and infra red.

We at Klingshield now offer cut to size Nano Technology window film kits with full instruction manual, to all consumers in the Cape, at the best prices on the market. We cut out the middle man and therefore you save money. There is no waste and we also supply a free practice roll to ensure that you are ready to tackle the task.

Klingshield can be easily installed by a handyman or do-it-yourself enthusiast. This cost saving exercise is proving to be extremely popular throughout South Africa.

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