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Safety in Glass

Simple Answer to Safety in Glass

With bombs exploding in all volatile political areas throughout the world recently, killing and maiming so many people and causing severe damages, shattering windows and shopfronts in all areas create injuries from sharp edged fragments of flying glass.

These disasters emphasise the importance of ensuring that all possible measures for safety and security are taken, especially in areas where glass is used extensively.

The danger of terrorism and increasing violence are reported throughout many countries in the world and even without these dangers, statistics show that in South Africa an average of 15 000 people are injured every year in glass related accidents. In homes, of all fatal injuries that occur, half of them involve children between the ages of 5 and 14.

A simple and relatively inexpensive way to ensure greater safety and to protect areas of glass, comes in the form of a self adhesive film available in South Africa through Klingshield in Johannesburg.

Window film used to cover windows in many buildings in Johannesburg, including the Carlton Centre, Anglo American, Standard and First National Banks and many leading stores, is the only such safety film that has actually been tested under real live bomb blast conditions in South Africa.

In the Carlton Centre untreated shop windows were completely wrecked by a bomb blast, but the Carlton Information Kiosk in which the film was installed, remained undamaged by the explosion.

Similar other blasts within South Africa created untreated windows to be blown out up to 50 metres, whereas the treated windows remained intact.

Solar safety window films are also available which will hold the glass together as well as sun guard the windows. This product has great advantages when it comes to reducing energy costs and electricity bills, compared to the minimal cost to have the film applied. The normal payback period on energy saving in buildings is approximately 3 years and thereafter companies save money due to the fact that less airconditioning is required.

As the cost of living arises with increasing electricity bills, home owners and business people are becoming more aware of the value of insulating living and working spaces as a means of fighting electricity bills.

shatterproof your window

An answer to these increasing bills and safety concerns is to install Klingshield solar safety window films to form a perfect bond to the glass applied with special world patented adhesive systems.

Glass is one of the most beautiful and versatile building materials. However glass can be very dangerous under impact and for further information on the value of safety film and glass, please consult our website for more detailed tests and specifications.


Shatterproof Your Windows