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Window Film Do It Yourself

Klingshield Do It Yourself Window Film

For those of you who are handy, looking to save money on the installation process, then DIY Klingshield is perfect for you.


Do It Yourself

We have an extensive range of DIY Film material to assist you with your Klingshield Film project.


Do It Yourself Videos

We have created a complete video installation guide on Do It Yourself Window Film. Browse below to learn more.




 Window tinting is basically a five step process:

  1. Cleaning the windows
  2. Applying the film
  3. Squeeging the water out
  4. Trimming at the edges
  5. Inspection
  6. Film to glass installations guide

 The Tools You Need - Click HERE

  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • 1 – 2 teaspoons of dishwashing liquid or baby shampoo
  • Olfa cutting knife
  • Rubber squeegee
  • Lint free cloth

DIY Klingshield Window Film Kit

 Most important – must be in dust free environment to get good finish.


Always install the film indoors away from dust, wind and not in direct sunlight.

You need to use plenty of slip solution, i.e. spray bottle with dishwashing detergent when applying the film so that you don’t get air bubbles.
You have to remove the liner from the film very carefully and when handling, don’t crease the film. Once you have removed the lining, don’t let the adhesive stick to the film.
A detailed manual will be supplied with every order, free of charge.
We also now cut the film to size for you, if required, which will eliminate any waste on your side and will make it easier for you to fit. Just send us your individual glass sizes. No waste means a saving of money.


During the summer months ordinary glass windows and skylights cause untold headaches. Sunlight windows behave like heat lamps turning rooms, offices and cars into saunas and working airconditioning overtime.

Ultra violet radiation fades and damages fabrics, carpets, wood, curtains and upholstery.

Then comes the worst pain of all, sky rocketing electricity bills from Escom.


Klingshield window film lets you enjoy your windows at home, office and car. Klingshield solar film absorbs and reflects harmful heat and radiation.

Virtually invisible, it reduces the sun’s heat by up to 91% and screens 99% of ultra violet rays and can reduce electricity bills by as much as 40%. When it comes to the cure you have been looking for, you will get rock bottom Escom bills.


Once Klingshield film has been installed and cured, the windows may be cleaned in the normal way with non-abrasive cleaning material, such as detergents, without the fear of scratching the film surface. 
Klingshield’s customer service will be pleased to answer any of your enquiries about specific cleaning materials.


Klingshield’s window film requires no maintenance, other than the routine normal window cleaning.


In the event of the window being broken, cracked or scratched, the glass may be replaced in the normal way. Klingshield will be pleased to offer a replacement film as quickly and cost effective as possible.



Has a superb mirror finish, excellent heat and glare reflective properties and is available in silver, bronze, grey, blue or gold.


Recommend for shop windows, available in grey, bronze and neutral.


Is a combination of reflective and non-reflective laminated together, ideal for homes. Available in bronze, grey and neutral. Also ideal for cars.


Expensive new technology, very light films with excellent heat rejection. Ideal for homes, offices and cars.


Available in clear, non-reflective and reflective, 100 micron thick with special extra strong adhesion on the film to hold the glass together. Ideal for homes, offices and cars.


When ordering allow a minimum of 2cm overside all round for trimming. For most economical, let us cut it to size for you.


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