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Klingshield Bomb Resistance Film

Windows Designed to Resist Explosion


Recent news reports have once again highlighted the need for building owners to ensure that all the glass in their buildings has shatterproof film fitted. A recent explosion in Norway demonstrated that flying glass kills humans under an explosion and a number of people were killed here.

Even high wind loads can  be a problem and cause glass to break and cause damage and injury.

Pressure waves from explosions will not keep glass in place or intact but with the safety film laminated to the glass surface, the window should remain structurally sound and intact. The film helps to absorb the explosive energy.

Even if the glass explosion is huge, the window will come out in one piece instead of flying out in thousands of shards causing serious injuries and death. Blast curtains are also installed in high risk areas to catch the window if blown out in one piece.


Safety blast resistant window film has proved it's effectiveness in numerous real live bomb blasts. Stories from consumers experience are
on our web site under the testimonials, where you will read that lives were saved.

Safety film was developed in the early seventies when the IRA were bombing London. The British Government requested companies in the industry to come up with a clear film to go onto glass to reduce the effect of flying shards in built up areas.

The original came from the Second World War where people used to stick paper onto glass areas to reduce the damage caused by flying glass. It was discovered that during the bombing in the war more humans were killed from glass shards than anything else.

Today this product is used all over the world for security and safety reasons and window film manufactures have factories in numerous
countries. However all safety films are not of the same quality. Safety window film has large amounts of adhesive to hold the film and glass together. Some manufactures don't have the ability to lay large amounts of adhesive and still offer high quality optics.

For more details and information on safety film and bomb blast situations please contact us.