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Klingshield Window Film for Boats


Excessive glare and too much sunshine are uncomfortable, especially when cruising or sailing, so don’t jeopardise the enjoyment of your holiday or weekend by allowing the interior of your cabin-cruiser or yacht to get too hot.

Klingshield’s solar safety Sun-Guard window film applied to the inside of your windows will keep you cool and safe. It comes in handy roll form for the do-it-yourself application and a full instruction manual is included in the kit. It is easily applied in either non-reflective or reflective form.

Klingshield’s Sun-Guard will cut down the heat and glare substantially, as well as having anti-fading properties to protect your furnishings. It’s shatter-resistant features will also help protect you and your family from flying glass.

Keep cool in the summer months and retain the heat in the winter months by applying Klingshield’s Sun-Guard solar safety window film to your vessel. Reap the benefits of a smart looking boat and at the same time having greater internal comfort.

For further information regarding our do-it-yourself kits, please visit our website or contact us.