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Warranties and Guarantees

Is the warranty worth the paper it is written on.

When you deal with Klingshield and are advised by their consultants as to which window film will be the correct one to solve their window related problem and the product is then installed by one of our experienced installers, you can have peace of mind and be sure that our product will outlast any of our competitor’s products. Our company can be trusted as we have been doing it right for almost 50 years. 

To install confidence in our products and our company we offer a double warranty. We offer a product guarantee and an installation guarantee, unlike most other window film companies who only offer to replace the product which is proved to be defective. There is a big, big difference. Klingshield stands behind their guarantees, unlike most window film companies who offer a suppliers guarantee. Once again, there is a big, big difference.


Clearly the best


We as a company give a written statement that guarantees the quality of the product for the length of the guarantee. The words "guarantee” and "warranty” can sometimes be confusing. In short, a guarantee pledges that an obligation will be met and a warranty offers the pledge in writing.

Our double guarantee gives us a Competitive edge in the market place and instills confidence in the consumer’s mind. It also demonstrates the confidence that we at Klingshield have in the quality of our products. It must be remembered that Klingshield is the only window film company that tests all manufacturers products to ensure that they are the best products available worldwide.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating and as a matter of face most of our business is done by word of mouth and repeat customers.
That in itself tells a story.

Confidence begins with us. We know this business and are world leaders in the window film business, having started out in the early 70’s. A company cannot last that long in business unless they have excellent products and offer a top rate service!
We also have a passion for our company and it's products and have
the utmost confidence in the range of products we sell into the market place. Our written guarantees are simple and have no fancy conditions, unlike other guarantees who insist you register the warranties and have an in section period during the life of the warrantee. In our opinion it's all bull shit.

If there is a problem with the product we simply replace it in good faith. We also have a back-up insurance cover to make sure that we can stand behind our products should there be a disaster for any reason.


Since 1970


To be realistic no product will last if it has been abused or neglected. As long as our cleaning instructions which we supply with each application, are strictly adhered to, you have nothing to worry about – we are just a phone call away! We take a problem more seriously than an order as we are dealing with the goodwill of our company’s name and we will always be fair when it comes to the quality and longevity of our product and our company’s name.

It can be clearly seen from the testimonials on our website and the warranty pages, that Klingshield is a company who is serious about keeping their clients happy and Klingshield will always go the extra mile to remain the number one window film company worldwide.


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