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Bronze 15 Reflective Window Film

Bronze 15 Reflective Pressure Sensitive Scratch Resistant Window Film

Bronze 15 reflective window film is a very popular choice for commercial buildings with clear float glass. The reason for this is that it has a rich look from the outside which colour co-ordinates with brown brick buildings. From the inside it has a medium tint and is an excellent all round performing film. However, caution must be taken when recommending this film as it has a high absorption factor and is not recommended for tinted glass or laminated glass due to history of glass cracking. Stress cracks are possible and the history of glass cracking in any building needs to be taken into consideration.

This film has an excellent total solar energy rejection of 76% and blocks glare by 92% because of its coloured exterior look. Bronze 15 reflective film is manufactured by laminated a silver film to a tinted bronze film. The life expectancy of this product is not as good as the Silver 20 as dyed films fade by 2% per year.

Bronze 15 reflective film cuts out 99% of ultra violet radiation, protecting furnishings and fabrics from fading.
The pressure sensitive adhesion applied to the film improves the safety of the glass and turns ordinary glass into shatterproof glass. This product is ideal for offices with heat and glare problems and it also has a tough scratch resistant surface which will ensure the film has a long lasting effect, even with continuous cleaning.

Bronze 15 Reflective Pressure Sensitive Scratch Resistant Window Film Performance Data

  • Total solar energy transmittance 9%
  • Total solar energy reflectance 34%
  • Total solar energy absorption 57%
  • Visible light transmittance 8%
  • Visible light reflectance 18%
  • Winter U Value 1.04
  • Ultra violet light transmittance Less than 1%
  • Shading co-efficient .28
  • Total solar energy rejected 79%

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