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Window Film extremely popular in Durban.

Window Film Durban

Durban and it’s outlying areas have a very warm, humid sub-tropical climate which creates uncomfortable working and living environments and the use of window film has been very popular since it’s introduction by Klingshield the Window Film Company, since 1970.

With temperatures reaching 37 deg. C or 99 deg. F, solar controlled window films are extremely popular in Kwa Zulu Natal, as it reduces the temperatures in offices, homes and cars.

Stop the Sun

Klingshield are very excited with their new Nano Ceramic window film technology. This is a very expensive process, but the end results are well worth it. Nano Ceramic film stops up to 91% of the infra red (heat), however still allowing much of the visible light through the windows. This window film is known as the new “going green” technology and is rapidly replacing old traditional window film.

As we all know, all products break down from the sun’s strong rays eventually. Much “used-by” film that has been on your windows for decades, needs to be replaced as they will not be performing to their maximum capacity.
Because our darker shade films reduce the glare which is reflected off the ocean, these are being utilised worldwide for seafront buildings.

As Durban is a sub tropical area with warm, wet summers and mild moist to dry winter, it is important to note that moisture has been known to cause demetallising of window films and it is for this reason that we recommend high quality laminated window films for all glass in seaside cities.

Durban as a city, needs to take into consideration commitments made by our Government to start reducing the carbon footprint and saving energy. New Nano Ceramic high performance window films reduces the use of airconditioning and saves money on electricity by stabilising interior spaces to an acceptable temperature and working environment.
After many years of business we are now able to offer the “best film at the lowest price” and you have the opportunity to purchase our “do- it -yourself” solar controlled new Nano technology window film kits, complete with manual, cut to size at half the price of the installation of standard window film by installers in the Durban area. We supply free film for practice purposes and for any unforeseen errors you might experience.

These do it yourself kits are proving to be very popular in Kwa Zulu Natal and are easily installed by do-it-yourself enthusiasts and handymen.

Contact us for further information on Car Window Tinting Near Me, our do it yourself window film products for the Kwa Zulu Natal area.