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Blue 15 Reflective Window Film

Blue 15 Reflective Pressure Sensitive Window Film

Blue reflective film has become relatively popular with architects and building owners due to its modern look and aesthetic appearance when viewed from the outside. Many modern buildings throughout the world are utilising blue reflective film to reduce heat and glare from coming through windows.

Blue reflective film is manufactured by laminating a silver metallised film to a blue tinted film, the same way that other colour reflective films are made.

Blue reflective film stops 99% of ultra violet rays, the main cause of fading of carpets and furnishings in offices. The majority of installations to date have been on commercial buildings. However, we have carried out installations on homes where the sun is a major problem and aesthetics have been improved by the application of the blue reflective film.

When installed on windows facing outside, blue reflective film has a mirrored blue look from the outside offering daytime privacy. The application of this film on the windows keep prying eyes from looking into offices. However, from the inside one has a blue tinted look when viewing the outside.

All reflective films offer daytime privacy only. However, at night one would be able to see through this product from the outside.

The pressure sensitive adhesion applied to this film has excellent optical clarity and large amounts of adhesion applied in manufacture. This enables the blue reflective film to also act as a safety film so that should the glass be shattered it will be held together by the adhesive on the film.


Data specifications for blue reflective film

  • Visible light transmitted 12%
  • Visible light reflectance 18%
  • Total solar energy transmitted 18%
  • Total solar energy reflected 35%
  • Total solar energy absorbed 47%
  • Winter U value 1.00
  • Shading co-efficient .33
  • Ultra violet transmission Less than 1%
  • Total solar energy rejected 72%

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