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Green 15 Reflective Window Film

Green 15 Reflective Scratch Resistant Pressure Sensitive Window Film

Green 15 reflective film was manufactured a number of years ago following a request from an architect. Klingshield assigned its American manufacturer of window film to come up with a highly reflective green film.

Green reflective film is manufactured by laminated a silver vaporised film to a green tinted film,thus giving you a green reflective film. Once applied to glass and viewed from the outside, a green mirror appearance will be visible. However from the inside one would have a green tinted look. Some creative architects utilise blue and green in one project for aesthetic appearance in some modern buildings. These reflective fashion colours will become more popular as “green” technology is implemented in the future for energy savings.

Green reflective film stops large amounts of heat and glare making offices more comfortable and reducing the running and maintenance costs of airconditioning units.

Green reflective film stops 99% of ultra violet radiation which is the main cause of deterioration of office furnishings and fabrics. The film also has a pressure sensitive adhesion which when once applied, will turn ordinary glass into shatterproof glass, minimising injuries should the glass be shattered. Windows can shatter at any moment in time, whether the cause be natural disasters, explosions, tsunamis, hurricanes, storms, unrest. The results are always the same – flying glass killing and injuring people and damaging property.

Data specifications for Green Reflective Film

  • Visible light transmitted 12%
  • Visible light reflected 18%
  • Total solar energy transmitted 18%
  • Total solar energy reflected 35%
  • Total solar energy absorbed 47%
  • Winter U value 1.00
  • Shading co-efficient .33
  • Ultra violet transmission less than 1%
  • Total solar energy rejected 73%

With the above specifications it clearly shows that glare will be reduced by 88% with the green reflective film, making it far easier to work on a computer screen due to the reduction in invisible light.

Heat reduction of 72% will keep offices cooler by stabilising the interior temperature and reducing the effect of hot spots which create problems in open plan offices.

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