BMW Gets “Stone-Shield” Paint Protection

Klingshield Technical Department
Johannesburg South Africa July 2011

Once again, Klingshield feels honoured and proud to have installed our Stone-Shield paint protection on a BMW X3. BMW, being such a prestige motor car with it’s beautiful features and design, our customer required to protect his car from everyday abrasion, nicks, scratches and chips.

Our optical clear paint protection 200m polyurethane film was applied to the front nose and the complete of the customer’s car by Klingshield’s professional installers.

This Stone-Shield protection will preserve the vehicle’s good looks without changing it’s appearance. Klingshield’s clear paint protection is the most optically clear protection available in the industry today.

Stone-Shield lets the paint colours show its true colours, while at the same time creating an invisible barrier against chemicals, grime, small road debris such as gravel, abrasion, nicks and scratches from insects.

Klingshield offers a 7 year warranty on their paint protection, which is the best in the industry. Stone-Shield provides the best option for keeping the front nose, headlamps, door panels, fenders, bumpers and back areas of your vehicle in prime condition.
By having the product applied, you will retain the resale value of your car and when one requires to sell the car, if required, one can peel the film off, leaving no residue behind and the paint still looking brand new in these wear and tear areas.

Technical Specifications and Testing for Stone-Shield

Suybstrate Thickness 6 mils
Tensile strength (ASTM D882) 580kg/sq cm
Elongation at break (ASTM D882) 440%
Peel Strength (PSTC-1) 2.7 lb/in 20 minute peel 3 lb/in 24 hrs
Shear Strength (PSTC-7) 1000-hours+ @ l lb/0.25
Maximum Temperature for 100 deg C
continued use

Chemical Resistance Excellent

UV Resistance Excellent

Chip Resistance (SAE J-400) Pass

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