Best Film Ever Made

Announcing the Best Film Ever Made
Johannesburg South Africa April 2011
Klingshield Windscreen Protection News

The best film ever made must be our new Nano Ceramic windscreen film. But it is one film you may never see, as it is virtually invisible. Klingshield has a new solar control window film on the horizon.

It drastically reduces heat. Most heat coming into a car comes through the front windscreen and Nano Ceramic window film will allow you to drive feeling cool and relaxed. It reduces glare by 30% and it is like having a prescription pair of sunglasses fitted to your car at a much lower cost.

Nano Ceramic window film protects interiors, preventing fading of upholstery and cracking of vinyl components. Your car will keep its value longer and look like new while other cars the same age will have a faded look.

Klingshield’s Nano Ceramic windscreen film makes glass safer in the event of an accident as it bonds to the glass and prevent shattering and splintering, reducing the risk of injury and death.

It gives extra privacy from the exterior and improves the appearance of your car, giving it a slick look.

It saves money for you on fuel bills because your airconditioning does not have to work so hard in summer and winter.

Nano Ceramic film is virtually invisible and you can now treat your car to the best film ever made!

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Klingshield's window film and tinting exhibtion Klingshield's Nano-Ceramic window films have become very, very popular in the residential window film market.