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Window Film Magazine Features Klingshield's CEO.

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Klingshield's CEO, Leon Levy, Has Been Nominated For The ABSA Business Achiever Awards 2015, In The Category of Absa Entrepreneur.

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10 Ways To Prevent A Smash And Grab As Reported By The North Eastern Tribune, JHB South Africa 

Smash & grab video
An interesting story appeared in a local newspaper showing 10 ways to prevent a Smash and Grab attack. Obviously the best way, as stated by step 10, is to fit your windows with a protective, tinted Smash and Grab film such as Klingshield.

Klingshield's Latest Ad Designed By Our Marketing Department  - 31st July 2015.

Klingshield shatterproof window film

Breaking Technical News

Klingshield Has Just Launched iJump Start Emergency Power Backup.

ijump portable power logoThis lightweight portable power source is capable of instantly starting your car with a flat battery. It also powers your laptop, tablet, cellphone and much more.

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Hot News

Klingshield Has Finally Entered Into The Glass Market In A Serious Way.

klingshield glass and glazing logoKlingshield now offers a full range of glass products through it's subsidiary company, The Window Doctor.


Another Classic Ad From Klingshield's Marketing Department - 5th August 2015.

Klingshield Provides It's Clients With A Testing Card To Demonstrate The Effectiveness Of It's Products.

window-film-evaluation-test-cardThis Practical test demonstrates how the Klingshield Sun Control window film stops heat, glare and fading.

Klingshield Turns Ordinary Mirrors Into A Range Of Coloured Mirrors.

Klingshield colour film for mirrors

Call Leon at Klingshield on: 011-640-5053/7 for further information

Designer Glass Splash-Backs In A variety Of Colours And Designs Which Are Durable And Affordable, Now Offered By Klingshield.


These products are utilised in shop fitting, kitchens and bathrooms.

For more Information contact Leon at Klingshield's head office on: 011 640-5053/7

New Regulations Regarding Glass In Food Manufacturing Facilities Calls For All Windows, Near Or Above Food Production Lines, To Have Klingshield Safety film Applied, In Order To Prevent Broken Glass From Shattering.

Prevent-broken-glass-falling-into-foodBusinessDay, Fri 29th May 2015.

Durban Taxi Drivers Go On The Rampage

window-damaged-penetration-of-brick smash-and-grab-attackers
       Vehicles attacked by thugs in the streets of South Africa
Protest and strikes increased by nearly 100% since 2010 as revealed by the SA Institute Of Race Relationships.

Smash and Grab Attacks On The Increase.

klingshield smash and grabA recent incident in Milpark Johannesburg as reported by the Rosebank, Killarney Gazette 27 May 2015.

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Two Still In A Coma As N12 Brick-Thrower Attacks Again.

smash-and-grab-lead-picture Klingshield window smash graphic

AFTERMATH: The car in which Marionette Schwab was traveling when a brick was thrown through the window on the N12 near The Glenn shopping centre as reported by The Star newspaper Friday May 8 2015.Picture : Justin  Slabbart /Beeld.............Read More

Custom Designed Pink Window Graphics Installed On Southerby's Auction House In Geneva, Switzerland.




In The Pink

A model wears the "Sunrise Ruby", a Burmese ruby weighing 25.59 carats-and a Cartier tiara,made in the 1930's,during an auction preview at Sotheby's auction house in Geneva Switzerland. The ruby is expected to sell for between $12 million (R145 million) to $18 million and the tiara for $300 000 to $500 000 when they are auctioned on Tuesday. (As reported by the Citizen Newspaper Friday 8 May 2015) Picture: Reuters. See More

BEWARE The Smash And Grab Hotspots In Gauteng.



As reported in The Star newspaper March 2015.

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The Latest Entry Into The Window Film Manufacturing Arena Is The Highly Respected Copier Brand Konica Minolta.

Konica-Minolta-headline-picture As reported on the world wide web May 2015.

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 What's New In Building ?

window-film-in-various-colours Modern thinking architects are now utilising tinted, coloured window film in glazing systems for aesthetic appeal. May 2015, Johannesburg South Africa.

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New Building Regulation XA1(b) Calls For Minimum Use Of Energy.

glare-free-window-film Klingshield's window films reduce heat loss and gain, thereby complying with new laws for glazing. (SANS10400-XA)

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Environmental Regulations For Workplaces, Under The Machinery And Occupational Safety Act 1983.

Machinery-and-occupational-safety-act "Where the penetration of direct sunlight into any workplace may pose a threat to the safety of persons in such work place, the employer concerned shall ensure that such workplace is screened to avoid such penetration, but retaining as far as is practical, outside visual contact"

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This Gorgeous Stained Glass Window Doubles As A Solar Panel.

Solar-panel-stained-glass-windowAs reported by inhabitat magazine.

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Is Liquid-Applied Film Gaining Ground On Polyester?

window-film-magazine-video A recent study by the General Services Administration looked at the solar control benefits liquid-applied film has to offer. How does it stack up against polyester film? As reported by Window Film Magazine (April 2015).

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Porsche South Africa Continues To Use Klingshield 150 Micron Smash And Grab Protection On All Their Client's Cars.

Porsche South AfricaKlingshield Smash and Grab products now also being installed in Porsche's new Pretoria branch.

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Biggest Ever Recall: Is Your Car Safe?
Over 15 million Vehicles Globally Have Been Recalled This Year.



Car manufacturers need to ensure, when it comes to safety, that they deal with reputable companies who have been around the block. Car dealerships sometimes go for "cheap and nasty" Smash and Grab window film to save costs. Klingshield offers the best products, made to their specification, with the longest guarantees.

As reported by Drive com.au

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Klingshield Is The Only Company In South Africa That Has Had Three South African Bureau Of Standards (SABS) Tests On It's Products.

Klingshield SABS testsi.e. Best scratch resistance properties, excellent shatterproof properties and amazing clarity.

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Car e-Hire By The Hour (As reported by The Citizen May 2015)

double-smash-and-grab Ultra-Thick Smash & Grab Video

All these vehicles should have Klingshield Double-Thick Smash and Grab to protect users.

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Klingshield Were The First Company In The World To Invent See-through Signage. Patents Were Held In Many Countries Throughout The Planet.

Window-graphics-news sandblast-window-film Klingshield window film guarantee

Window graphics USA created a store front window design as reported by the Orange County Register and the Orange County Business Journal -  April 1987.

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Klingshield's Production Facility For It's "Blinds And Awnings" Is The Largest Manufacturing Factory In The Southern Hemisphere.

klingshield awnings and canopiesKlingshield Awnings Video

awnings news articleWe're Shades Ahead

Klingshield has been involved in manufacturing fabric awnings and blinds for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels and shops since the early 80's.

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