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Architectural Window Film

Choose the South African Leader in Architectural Window Film

There are numerous suppliers of window film protection products on the world market today. While some may look and feel the same, their performances, structure and durability are dramatically different. Advanced manufacturing processes with Nano Ceramic technology scratch resistant coatings and user friendly installation technology all unite to make Klingshield film undoubtedly the best glass treatment film available on the South African market today.

Klingshield’s range of window films can be used virtually on any glass surface in new constructions or retro fits to enhance performance as well as the visual appeal.

Commercial buildings such as offices, banks, restaurants, retail stores, hospitals, schools, museums and government buildings all require an application of window film to reduce sunlight as well as make glass safe in all public areas.

Klingshield’s in-house installation teams have the best professional installers and technicians and all installations are completed in a professional manner with the minimal amount of disruption to your home or business.

Klingshield’s window films carry warranties from one year to lifetime, depending on the type and style of film chosen.

Lower energy costs. Heat passes through glass in buildings, homes and cars, causing discomfort to occupants and unnecessary high energy bills. During summer Klingshield can reduce the cost of cooling a building by rejecting up to 91% of the sun’s heat. In the winter months film retains the heat generated inside the home and office by heating, lighting and human factor, therefore saving money on electricity bills.

Glare reduction. Klingshield solar control films help correct temperature imbalances within a building, creating a stable effect and reducing harsh uncomfortable glare. By applying Klingshield’s solar control film workers become more comfortable and productivity improves.
Improves appearance. Klingshield’s window film adds a custom look and new style to buildings for a very low cost of refurbishment and without the inconvenience of relocating tenants.

Reduces fading. All Klingshield’s films cut out 99% of the harmful ultra violet rays that contribute to fading of furniture, fabrics and display merchandise.

Enhanced privacy. Reflective films applied to the inside of your windows offer daylight privacy. From the inside your windows will be completely see-through. However from the outside the reflective surfaces guard against prying eyes.

White translucent is also an excellent product for privacy as it offers a sandblast or frosted effect, whereby still allowing light to enter office spaces.

Blackout and other coloured opaque films are also available for decorative purposes and perhaps a complete blackout for a projection room.

Designer stripes, squares, dots and many other designs are available in translucent films to enable decorators to offer a chic look as well as privacy on interior glass and partitions.

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