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Exterior Window Films

Exterior Films by Klingshield

A lot of information has recently been available from various manufacturers around the world on the production of exterior window films due to various reasons. Films are normally applied externally because of obstruction on the inside, such as partitioning and burglar bars which cannot be removed easily. In some cases exterior window film is recommended where ceiling panels cannot be removed or the glass is a wired glass.

These films are constructed in a special way to withstand the heavy wear and tear and exposure from direct sunlight on the outside. The life expectancy on film externally applied is lower than when a film is applied on the inside of the glass. However, manufacturers are now manufacturing special exterior films with pressure sensitive adhesions. Window film manufacturers are also guaranteeing their product only for up to 5 years on exterior applications. In reality, film on the exterior performs slightly better than films applied to the interior and also will create less stress on the glass than an interior application.

Exterior films can be applied to clear float, laminated, tinted float, toughened or wire glass. The following specifications are available for the Silver 20 exterior application films.

  • Heat rejection 81%
  • Glare rejection 79%
  • Ultra Violet rejection 99%
  • Shading co-efficient 0,22
  • Light transmitted 18%
  • U Value 5.68
  • The benefits of the film are the following :
  • Ideal film for where thermal stress is a major consideration.
  • Can be fitted externally to wire glass.
  • Ideal for areas where glare is a problem.
  • Excellent for glass ceiling panels.
  • Excellent for daytime privacy.
  • Pressure sensitive adhesion improves safety of glass.

Important : Please note that Silver 20 Interior Films should not be applied externally as they will not last and will break down very quickly.

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