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Window Film Marketing and Advertising

Good Advertising and Marketing in the Window Film Business

Looking back over the last 40 years my experience shows and tells me that to be successful in the window film business one needs to have a formula. My formula consists of 5 ingredients in making a business successful.

A Good Product

Window film, tinting and coating is an excellent product and is sold worldwide due to its main functions – conserving energy, keeping people comfortable and saving lives.

A Good Market

Whenever the sun is shining there is a need for solar window film, whether it be in your home, office or car. All countries around the world are conscious of securing glass under explosive and terrorism conditions and this makes for a big market.

Know How

Under the umbrella of “know how” one has to understand the principles of business, including installations, distribution, favourable staff complements, marketing, advertising and the general know how of how to run a successful business which comes from experience. There is an old saying “experience costs money” and we at Klingshield over the last 40 years have experienced all situations and as you can see from our website, we as a company can publish our own book on how to run a window film business.

Work- A-Holic and Passion

In simple terms if you are not prepared to work your butt off and if you are not in love with and believe in your product, one cannot succeed in any business.


To be in business one needs capital. The faster you grow, the more money you need. Understanding how to manage cash flow and the financing of a business is important and if one does not know the tricks of the trade, one must consult with an expert who has a wealth of experience.

Marketing and Advertising of a Window Film Company

The window film industry started off in the 70’s as a “Mama and Papa” business and we at Klingshield took it to another level due to the enormous amount of potential we had at that time for safety film.

Thick safety window films have been applied to buildings throughout South Africa over the last 40 years.

Smart business people understand the difference between marketing and advertising being either an investment or an expense. Marketing and advertising can make or break any company and in our opinion, it is one of the most important aspects of the whole business.

Shrewd marketing people know how to make marketing and advertising an investment, creating high returns. Advertising and marketing is a very complex subject, almost like Google’s algorithm. It is like eating a plate of baked beans - you never know which bean will make you fart.

Marketing and advertising in the window film business is about a mix, like a fruit salad. One needs to utilise various media to test the best return on money spent.

We at Klingshield utilise many forms of media, whereby placing ads and designating certain phone numbers to measure results. With our budget set every year we create a marketing and advertising campaign. With the current squeeze on profits and the increasing complexity of estimating today’s consumers buying habits, it has become vitally important for advertisers to stretch their advertising budget with the most effective ads possible.

A newspaper can be an excellent sales person. Consumers read the daily newspaper not only for the news but for the advertising value. It is essential that an ad contains certain elements which make it an effective sales person for your product.

The following is a list of basic points required in any ad. Reference is made to Mr. Ogilvy who is a master in marketing and advertising when creating our visual displayed ads.


The headline of an ad is what captures the consumer’s attention. Famous headlines are world renowned and have been talking points between marketing and advertising people over the years. E.g. “The Sun Stopper”. That will relate and draw the attention of anybody who experiences problems with the sunlight. “Stop Smash and Grab”. These headlines talk directly to the consumer and if they are interested they will continue reading your ad.

Visual Look

The visual look of an ad is also very important as some consumers relate to graphics or pictures only. If you have a picture of a man smashing through a car window, that picture (as they say in the classics) tells a thousand words. People are attracted to different visual images.


Once you have got the attention of the consumer, one needs to give more information to show him the other important features about the products. i.e. Reduces glare, stops fading, shatterproofs glass, keeps rooms cool, saves on electricity, keeps heat in during winter months, guaranteed, etc.


After the consumer has all the information a smart layout and copy writer will always tell the consumer what to do to enable them to get hold of the product

i.e. call now, check our website, phone for a free “no obligation” quote.

The above are the basic principles of creating good ads. However, as mentioned before, all advertising and marketing needs to be tested to gauge the results if one wants to get the best return from the advertising and marketing world.

Other details are also important.

Create an identity

Ads with distinctive artwork, layout and copy enjoy high readership. If you want the consumer to single you out on a page don’t look like your competitors. Create original artwork that stands out and talks to the customer with a “wow” factor. The more professional and attractive your advertising layout is, it will create an excellent impression in the consumers mind as they can see for themselves the detail and effort that goes into your ad. This builds confidence in your brand as the consumer can see you are not the norm and you offer something special.

Use Simple Layout

Be clever but never cryptic. The consumers eye should move in a simple logical sequence from headline to illustration to explanatory copy, price and your company’s name and logo. As mentioned before, an eye dazzling ad will get attention but too many different type faces and decorative borders can turn attraction into distraction.

Have a Definite Focus

Print media is a visual medium, as is online advertising. The consumers interested eye is quickly drawn to a well chosen photograph, interesting artwork and good headlines. That will lead him to read all about your products and company.

Feature Consumer Benefits

The consumer always wants to know what is in it for him before he seriously considers making a purchase. If a price is the calling card or lost leader, make that your banner statement. If quality is your focus, make that your eyegrabber.

In general, headlines should appeal to the consumers needs while at the same time playing up the strong advantage points of your product.

Tell the Whole Story

Tell the most appealing points there are to know about your product. Be enthusiastic and get the message across and stand behind your statements a 100%. A block of copy written for your headline in complete sentences is often easier to read than phrases and random words. A bold face lead in to your ad and illustrations accompanying strong copy, are excellent aids to the consumer.

Name your Price

Don’t be afraid to mention price. Readers will often over estimate prices so you should not hesitate to list them as it qualifies incoming enquiries. If the price is comparatively high, then justify this with outstanding features. i.e. 10 year warranty. If the price is low, include the fact that this is a special or clearance and that the low price does not mean low quality.

Specific Branded Merchandise or Products

Well known brands like Klingshield relate in your advertising and you can capitalise on your brand name while enhancing the quality of your company and its products.

Urge your Readers to Buy Now

At the end of your ad tell them to call now and always stimulate prompt action by using such phrases as “limited supply”, or” for one week only”.

Don’t Use Unusual or difficult words

Many consumers may not understand words which are familiar to you. Trade and technical terms may be confusing and misunderstood. Everybody understands simple language.

Don’t Generalise

Be specific at all times. Facts sell more.

Don’t make excessive claims

The surest way to lose customers or consumers is to make claims in your advertising that you cannot back up. Be cautious and don’t put unbelievable statements out.

For more information on the window film industry in general please contact us.

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