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Klingshield Offers Motor Dealers More for their Money

Klingshield’s dealership customer base have had the advantage of a free alarm with every smash & grab window film done by Klingshield. This alarm system, called the “Screama” has been inserted into every car over the last four months, free of charge, as an additional back-up product for smash & grab protection.

Klingshield’s philosophy has always been “give the customer more than they expect”.

The last thing a would-be assaulter or a smash and grabber would want is attention! Muggings, rapes, robberies and sudden attacks at home, in the street, in shopping centres and car parks are the order of the day, as we are all too well aware. The “Screama” is a compact battery operated alarm system. It is made of Bakelite plastic and is extremely strong. When activated it emits a piercing scream which can be heard from hundreds of metres away. If a suspicious situation arises and one considers it to be a dangerous scenario, simply activate the “Screama” as the ensuing attacker will attract the attention that he can ill afford.

 This “Screama” serves as a secondary purpose in protecting valuables as it has a second switch which enables one to place valuables on top of the “Screama” and should the valuables such as handbags, briefcases, petty cash boxes, etc. be removed, again the “Screama” will emit its piercing whale, giving one time to take action against the would-be thief. Therefore this valuable protection device is placed in the cubbyhole of all vehicles installed with Klingshield’s smash & grab window film.

The “Screama” is a must today and is exclusively available to Klingshield’s dealership network as a gesture of good faith and appreciation for the support it receives.

In today’s world you get nothing for nothing. However, Klingshield’s thinking is different by offering their valued customers “that little extra” for their money.

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