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Print Media Doomed?

Is Print Media doomed?

The way technology is moving in this modern world with the launch of the iPad by Apple, it is becoming easier than ever before to obtain information, knowledge and news. One can download so many applications that finding what makes you tick becomes a piece of cake!

Why would one want to buy a newspaper when everything is on line and it is so simple to surf and get exactly what interests you. Newspapers are costly items and they are also messy to handle as far as newsprint rubbing off onto your hands is concerned. The cost of distribution is an extremely expensive exercise.

There will always be those from the old school who like to sit with a cup of coffee in a cafe or at home and enjoy the experience of reading a newspaper.

The younger generation who have grown up in the computer world are thinking quite differently about this old fashioned style of ensuring one keeps up to date. The kids of today have alerts emailed to them on subject matters that interest them. They are also very tuned into social networking and have much fuller lives than the older generation. The world is a much more competitive place today and has also become a more expensive planet to live in and people need to work harder to survive.

In today’s fast paced world people also have a shortage of time and all these factors go against the world of print media.

Copying of content is another problem for print media as they have to go to the expense of obtaining the news and in turn, online content sites pick up this information free of charge and distribute it online with the push of a button.

Unfortunately it's a cruel and unfair world out there, and it's dog eat dog , but that's how the cookie crumbles. Therefore the future of the print media does not look rosie the way I see it.

The reason I have touched on this subject is because we as a window film company used to advertise in the print media and got an excellent response, but in today times it is a waste of time and money as it is a dying media.

Online is where it is happening and most people “Google” to get what they are looking for and I can understand their reasoning . Even the old school who did not grow up with computers are lining up at Apple stores to buy and learn how to communicate via computers and the internet.

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