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Protect your Car

Protecting your Car is a “No-Brainer”

People go to large extremes in today’s world to secure their homes and offices from all types of circumstances. Sophisticated alarm systems are very popular in the commercial and home markets when it comes to protecting oneself, family and possessions.

Buying a motor car is usually the second biggest investment a person will make and protecting the investment in all circumstances, should be a “no-brainer”, the same way one would protect one’s properties.

Numerous car protection products are available on the market today and the consumer needs to realise the importance of protecting one’s vehicle. The most important protection required in a vehicle is the windows. It is insane to think that we drive around every day in our cars and other vehicles, without protection on the windows.

Smash & Grab attackers use spark plugs to smash open the side windows of cars which pops like a balloon, making a huge noise with flying glass everywhere. Glass being fragile and dangerous under pressure, causes injury during accidents and other violent attacks. Worldwide, stoning of car windows has become very popular and the need for protection has made Klingshield’s Smash & Grab film the number one selling after market protection product in the motor industry within South Africa.

The safety films which are applied to the inside of glass come in various thicknesses and shades. The 35% light transmission film is a semi reflective product which offers drivers a certain amount of privacy when viewed from the exterior. This privacy offers consumers a psychological advantage as an attacker cannot see who is in the car.

Besides having your windows shatterproofed with the privacy as an added bonus, the heat, glare and fade reduction of the product is another bonus.

Driving in rainy conditions is very dangerous and with fiercer thunderstorms being experienced recently due to climate change, Kleen-Shield Liquid Glass Coating is also a “no-brainer” as who would not want to improve their visibility by 5% when driving through a storm!

Kleen-Shield is a life saving product which comes from the Aviation industry and is used by all major airlines as a water repellent product during poor visibility when airborne.

The maintenance and cleaning of glass plays a very important role in a safe driving environment and Kleen-Shield’s liquid coating also reduces the maintenance of glass by 90%, whereby allowing the driver to have good visibility all year round.

Once the Kleen-Shield has been applied, all one needs to do is wipe the windows over with a mutton cloth, as all dirt and grime sticks to the Kleen-Shield coating and not to the glass surface. Keeping your windows sparkling and shining is a breeze. It is a pleasure to have Kleen-Shield on your car windows as it reduces cleaning time as well as improves visibility. That is the “bottom line”.

Stone-Shield is a thick clear polyurethane protective film that is applied and moulded to the concave surfaces of bumpers, headlights, fenders and other areas that experience heavy wear and tear.

Stone-Shield also comes out of the aviation industry and was developed originally to protect helicopter blades under extreme weather conditions.

With the condition of roads in today’s world, much debris, grime and dirt cause scratching on bumpers, bonnets and other areas of vehicles.

To keep your vehicle looking new at all times, Stone-Shield is an investment and is becoming more and more popular worldwide for the protection of the bodywork of motor vehicles.

Stone-Shield is guaranteed for 7 years and once removed, when it is time to resell the car the paintwork will look brand new and the adhesive from the film will not remain on the body of the car or fade the paintwork.

Fabric-Shield is an upholstery protection product which is sprayed on all fabric areas, such as carpets, car seats and boot area. Anyone can tell you that when spilling milk in a car or leaving fish to soak into the upholstery, the smell is there indefinitely. However, with the application of Fabric-Shield protective coatings on all fabric areas, food stuff, chemicals, liquids, etc. will not soak into the fabric and will remain in beads form on top of the fabric, carpets or seats and is easily dabbed up and removed. With children it is inevitable that your upholstery will become damaged due to various stains. However, Fabric-Shield will solve this problem and is once again a “no-brainer”.

Front Windscreen Protection is an excellent product as it reduces the heat from coming in through the windscreen. Most heat coming into as car comes through the front windscreen due to the angles and design of vehicles. Nano Ceramic front windscreen window film allows 72% of the light to come into the car. However, it blocks 91% of the infra red (heat) keeping your car cooler and protecting your upholstery, plastic and other interior finishes from sun damage.

This new Ceramic window film also stops 99.5% of the UV which is the main cause of skin cancer. Not only will you have protection for your car, you will also be protecting yourself and your family from the dangerous ultra violet radiation.

The above array of products all falls under protection and everybody needs to take precautions in today’s world to protect ourselves.

Klingshield smash and grab tinting,once applied to your windows,offers significant relief from the penetration of sunlight as well as turing your car window glass into shatterproof glass.Klingshield's smash and grab window tinting outsmarts the sun as well as the smash and grabber.Applying Klingshield smash and grab tint to your windows,especially if you live in South Africa,is a no-brainer


Protect Your Car